Celebration West Ridge

 Celebration West Ridge 2014

Celebration West Ridge is our school’s annual festival and fundraiser.   In the collage above, you see just some of what CWR offers.  What you can’t hear is the awesome music, and what you can’t taste is the delicious food!  Pizza, snow cones, candy–and more candy!–are part of the fun, as are photo booths, karaoke, and cake walks.  More adventurous students can enter games and competitions up on the field.  CWR is a day of laughter and prizes, treats and eats, dancing and playing.  An extra bonus?  This year the weather was perfect, with not a rain cloud in sight!

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  1. Celebration West Ridge was so fun this year! I ate so much candy! I made some flip books with my friends and we also did the pumpkin together! I got super dizzy! I love having Celebration West Ridge every year! It’s definitely something to look forward to!

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