First Lines


First lines, first sentences, first pages–the beginnings of books are important. An intriguing cover may entice us to open a book, but it is the engaging text that makes us want to keep reading.

Below are some first lines of famous books, along with their cover art.  For more examples and links back to sources, click here

In the comments, add your own example of a great first line!  Include the title and author’s name.










Spotlight on Third Period


Found Blur Motion
Photo Credit: ilouque via Compfight

Students have a choice of what to write about each week.  Enjoy this collection of posts from third period:

Avery writes about her love of Christmas.

The possibilities of time travel are explored by David S.

Eli shares his thoughts about schoolwork and his study habits.

Jonny writes about the fun of fishing.

Jack wrote a poem about hockey.

Are you a hunter? Kirk tells about getting his “first bow deer.”

Thomas writes about a day spent at home, too sick for school.


Just Arrived


Once again, West Ridge has earned the “No Place for Hate” designation from the Anti-Defamation League of Austin.  We’re proud of the work that goes in to making our campus more aware of issues affecting our school climate.  Our administrators, counselors, and teachers work with the students to hopefully create a safe place in which every student feels they belong.

No place is perfect, of course.  Perhaps you feel that West Ridge could do better…or that you yourself could do better when it comes to treating everyone with respect. We’ve all atttended the assemblies and had the classroom lessons:  we know what we are supposed to do when we hear or see another being made fun of, excluded, or threatened.  It’s up to us to do what’s right and kind.

When we see this banner hanging in its place next to the previous years’ banners, let’s all think about what we are doing (or not doing?) to make WRMS no place for hate.