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BeFunky_Wildcats-1 (2).jpgAs we prepare to complete our blog self-assessments next week and set goals for the spring, let’s take a look at what some other student writers have done with their own blogging.  Do you have a particular passion that could become the focus of your blogging this semester?

Jake’s Bones
Jake is a thirteen-year-old Scottish student who has been collecting and studying bones since he was six.  His blog has been featured on television and radio, and his work has become a book by the same name.

Cayla and Ashley
Cayla and Ashley are two sisters, age fifteen and thirteen, who have used their blog to showcase their singing and song-writing talent.  They now have a YouTube channel, and they have released two CD’s via iTunes.

Sky’s Cars
Sky is a fifth grader who has been blogging about cars for two years.  His visits to car dealerships and his interviews with car experts have given his blog a wide readership.

British student Maelo Manning started blogging about politics when she was only ten years old.  Since then, her blog has won many awards for political commentary, and she has been a guest on several political talk shows in England.

Tolly Dolly Posh
Tolemia is a fourteen-year-old who has been blogging about fashion since she was eleven. Her blog has been featured in many publications, television segments, and radio spots.

Call Me Hannah
Hannah Alper is an eleven-year-old blogger who describes herself as a “Change Maker, Activist, Eco Warrior, Animal Lover.” Her blogging has led Hannah to roles as a TEDx speaker and a student ambassador for Free the Children.

Check out the work of these “kid reporters” from SIKids and Time for Kids.

Student bloggers also share their work at TeenInk (must be at least 13) and their book and movie reviews at DogoBooks and DogoMovies.

What do you want to do with your blog in 2015?

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