Student Spotlight: Fifth Period Free Topic Posts


For most of this year, students have been enjoying the freedom to blog about any topic they choose in any mode they choose.  Check out this sampling of the wide variety of subjects covered by fifth period students so far:

Jenna celebrates her dog’s first birthday.

Do you love musicals?  Madeleine shares her favorite Broadway hits.

Meghana finds Draco Malfoy to be a sympathetic character.

Surya explains why studying a second language is a good idea.

Want to understand Javascript? Ian does an excellent job of explaining a complex topic.

Lorena enhances her writing with photos, color, and special effects.  Cool!

What’s your favorite season?  William explains why his is winter.

Ananya writes a poem to capture the beauty of a new day.

Blake has some information and questions for you about 4-D printing.

Erik enjoyed an opportunity to meet a favorite author.

The misery of flu season is expressed in this post by Layna.

Madeline takes you into the Phantom’s lair…and into his mind.

You’ll appreciate these amusing tips from Varun on how to avoid telemarketers!

Milan describes his dread of state testing.

Pranu shares her thoughts about an unsettling documentary she recently watched.

Shreyaa describes the complexities and joys of one of her hobbies:  Bharathanatyam dance.

You’ll want to visit Hawaii after reading what Tiffany has to say about it!

Student choice is an important factor in writing instruction.  Students who have something to say will work to say it well, and maybe even have some fun in the process!