Independent Reading: What Did You Think?

We’re about to complete our reading logs for the last nine weeks, and this class blog is the perfect place for sharing our thoughts about the books we’ve read.

Choose one of the two prompts below and respond to it as a “comment” to this blog post. I’ve made the first two comments myself as examples. Notice that the first thing we’ve got to do in the comment is IDENTIFY THE BOOK WE’RE TALKING ABOUT! Since we can’t use italics, underlining, or bold text in a comment, we’ll have to set titles apart from the rest of the comment by capitalizing correctly and using quotation marks. Comments should be about five sentences long.

1. One of the overarching themes for this year’s study in seventh grade English is the idea of the Call to Adventure: the idea that a person’s journey begins when some person or some event sets a character on a path of discovery.

In the case of Helen Keller, that call came from Anne Sullivan, who called Helen on a journey to discover language and all of the ways that it could enrich her life. In many stories, a character is called to adventure by a mentor or by circumstances that lead the character to his or her challenging journey. This journey might be an actual journey to new people and places, or it might be a figurative journey to self-discovery and the realization of some important truth.  How were Scrooge, Max, and Christine called to adventure?  How about Luke Skywalker, Frodo Baggins, or Harry Potter?

In one of the books you chose to read, did a character receive a call to adventure? Was he or she guided by a mentor who set an example or taught valuable lessons? Elaborate and give an example.

2. One of the reasons we teachers assign independent reading is so that you discover authors whose work you enjoy. This is important because the more you read, the better your reading and your writing will become.

Which of the books on your independent reading list did you enjoy reading the most? What was it about that book that kept you reading? Was it something about the plot (the action in the story that made you want to find out what was going to happen next), the characters (who they were, how they interacted, what they thought and felt), or the style of writing (the way the author put together sentences, chapters, descriptions, dialog, etc)?

Be specific in your answer without giving away any spoilers!

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143 thoughts on “Independent Reading: What Did You Think?

  1. In the book Deep and Dark and Dangerous, By: Mary Downing Hahn. Ali (the main character) recieves a call to adventure when she finds a photograph from Gull Cotage, and it had her mom and her aunt in it…but another girl was in the picture, and that girl had been ripped off, as well as with her name. When Ali asks her mom about it, she looks very scared and says she has no idea who the other girl was. Months go by till her aunt comes and convinces Ali’s mother to let Ali come to Gull Cotage. As Ali arrives at Gull Cotage things seem normal, but as time went on, Ali’s question soon gets answered.

  2. I read a fanfiction called “He Wasn’t A Jerk Online” by @onedirectiion and I found it fascinating. It’s about a girl who talks to a random boy over the internet, and he becomes one of her best friends. Then she has to move schools, and there’s this really popular guy there who is a real jerk. I kept reading this because I love the foreshadowing in it. I like how I absoluteley KNEW who the jerk really was and that great feeling I felt when I was right. (I’m a directioner but you don’t have to know about one direction to read this, but I’m just warning you now it’s PG13)
    It was truly a great read and I highly reccomend it. It’s also in the process of a sequel and can be found on (:

  3. A book i read was ” The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes”. It’s about a detective who goes around solving mysteries in London. I kept reading the book because I liked how Arthur Conan Doyle described Sherlock Holmes. I also kept reading it because i liked how he didn’t give away the mystery until the end. I really enjoyed the book and highly recommend it.

  4. A book i have read is “A little princess” It is about a little girl Named Sara Crewe move from India to London were she has to stay at an all girl school were she is pampered and life is good. She would often gather up the other girls that went to the school and tell/read them stories. But she soon gets a letter saying that her father has died at war and could no longer pay for her school. She is then forced to love up in the the attic and work as a maid were she then makes friends with another girl that shares her duties.

  5. A book that I am almost finished with is the book “Cujo” by Stephen King. In the book, a little boy named Tad says he sees a monster in his closet. His dad gives him these “Monster Words” to keep the monster away, but little do they know that this “monster” is very close to them. This book is very creepy. I would explain the book more but it would kind of spoil it.

  6. well in a book that i read, “the sleepwalker”, there was a plane crash that ocurred because of an unknown error in the plane’s structure. and on the plane was the whole family that was a friend of the main character’s, James Adams. and there was a footprint left on the internet that led him to the source of the problem that occured on the plane. he then went to another state to find the seller of the faulty plane parts that were illegally sold to the plane company.

  7. The best book that i read on my reading log is “Princess Academy” by Shannon Hale.
    A part that made made me want to read more is when the bandits came and took over the school. There was so much suspense and imagery that i got so engulfed in it. I didn’t want to stop reading it.

  8. one of the best leads i have read was from Beowulf and new telling by Robert Nye.
    Long ago there was no king in the land of the Danes, and they all wanted one. When a ship without a sail or sailors came drifting in from sea, they went to meet it looking for a wonder, and sure enough there was a child in the ship.

  9. I read a good lead from the book “The Batboy”. In the lead it it felt like it was in slow motion. it was of those moments when Brian felt as if baseball was close for him to reach and touch.

  10. A favorite book I read this summer was Warriors: The last hope. It was the last book in Erin Hunter’s “Warriors” series. I really enjoyed all of the books and am sad that it is over. There are 24 books in all. I really recommend this series it is awesome! The first book is called “Into The Wild.” It’s about a house cat named Rusty who go’s out into the woods and joins a clan of wild cats called Thunderclan. The Thunderclan leader, Bluestar takes him in as her apprentice and gives him the apprentice name Firepaw. He goes on through life to became a warrior and then a leader of the clan. There are 3 rival clans and they battle for territory and food. It’s a really awesome book series and I think all cat lovers out there will love it!

  11. I read the book No Easy Day the book had so much action it was never boring or slow. it was interesting to know how they did all there missions and the guns they used. the main character told you all about how he made it to were his is now which is seal team six. all the stuff he went through was so interesting and how he made it. so many people tryed to make the team but he was special and a leader.I think most people should read this book, it is one of my favorite books.

  12. I love “Remember Me” by Cristopher Pike. It is one of my all-time favorite books- I have read all 789 pages a grand total of 4 times, and I still cry when Shari saves Jimmy. The book is about a 16 year old girl named Shari Cooper, and the book begins when she dies. The rest of it is her as a ghost, and she is trying to figure out who murdered her. I think that it is a great story for anyone who likes mysteries and suspense.

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