Independent Reading: What Did You Think?

We’re about to complete our reading logs for the last nine weeks, and this class blog is the perfect place for sharing our thoughts about the books we’ve read.

Choose one of the two prompts below and respond to it as a “comment” to this blog post. I’ve made the first two comments myself as examples. Notice that the first thing we’ve got to do in the comment is IDENTIFY THE BOOK WE’RE TALKING ABOUT! Since we can’t use italics, underlining, or bold text in a comment, we’ll have to set titles apart from the rest of the comment by capitalizing correctly and using quotation marks. Comments should be about five sentences long.

1. One of the overarching themes for this year’s study in seventh grade English is the idea of the Call to Adventure: the idea that a person’s journey begins when some person or some event sets a character on a path of discovery.

In the case of Helen Keller, that call came from Anne Sullivan, who called Helen on a journey to discover language and all of the ways that it could enrich her life. In many stories, a character is called to adventure by a mentor or by circumstances that lead the character to his or her challenging journey. This journey might be an actual journey to new people and places, or it might be a figurative journey to self-discovery and the realization of some important truth.  How were Scrooge, Max, and Christine called to adventure?  How about Luke Skywalker, Frodo Baggins, or Harry Potter?

In one of the books you chose to read, did a character receive a call to adventure? Was he or she guided by a mentor who set an example or taught valuable lessons? Elaborate and give an example.

2. One of the reasons we teachers assign independent reading is so that you discover authors whose work you enjoy. This is important because the more you read, the better your reading and your writing will become.

Which of the books on your independent reading list did you enjoy reading the most? What was it about that book that kept you reading? Was it something about the plot (the action in the story that made you want to find out what was going to happen next), the characters (who they were, how they interacted, what they thought and felt), or the style of writing (the way the author put together sentences, chapters, descriptions, dialog, etc)?

Be specific in your answer without giving away any spoilers!

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143 thoughts on “Independent Reading: What Did You Think?

  1. Over this nine weeks I read the second book in the “Unwanteds” series. It was called The Island of Silence. I thought it was a very good book (and it was 416 pages XD so that was good). It is hard to explain it without explaining the first book, so the first book was about an island community ruled by an evil dictator named High Priestess Justine. Who every year sends any twelve year old’s who have shown signs of being creative to be killed by being thrown into a giant lake of boiling oil, kind of like the hunger games. The main protagonist is a boy named Alex Stowe, who has a twin brother named Aron. On the purge day Aron is chosen to be a wanted ( the highest rank), and Alex is chosen to be an unwanted (thrown in boiling oil). When the new unwanteds are about to be thrown in the oil they are saved into a place kind of like hogwarts. Then the other place (named Quill) discovers them, there is a big war the good guys win, and they lived hapilly ever after… or so you think. My favorite part of the new book is that it builds on the new plot with lots of plot twists.

  2. I read a series, called “The Edge Chronicles”, by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. The series is a collection of three trilogies and a finale.
    One of the books I read was from the Twig Trilogy. It was called “Beyond the Deepwoods”. It follows a human boy who is called to adventure when he is told that he is not a woodtroll, and he is human. He sets out with his naming knife and a bit of food. After a day of traveling through the dangerous Deepwoods, he breaks the most important rule to the woodtrolls “Never leave the path.” From then on his way is fraught with danger. Throughout the story though, there is a savior. Someone who gives him a last minute tip or important directions. At the end of the book you find out that that was all the same person, and you discover the identity of his guide.

  3. Over the summer I read “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins for the second time and I had also read it, and the rest of the series, the summer before. In this book Katniss was called to action by circumstance, when she is picked for the universally feared Hunger Games. Further on in the book she says her goodbyes to her family thinking she will never see them again, and heads off to the Capital… This book is a gripping novel of great appeal to all ages, so if you want a good book to read than give it a shot. You wont be disappointed!

  4. In my independent reading I read a book called
    “Matched”by Ally Condie. This book was about a world in the future, with a unexpected romance just waiting to happen. I got caught on this book because of all the different, unexpected turns in the main characters life and the crazy love to two people who were never meant to be together.This girl gets into lots of mixed up and awkward things. But most of all I think it was the fact that this girl mistakenly get matched with two boys but she cant choose which one she likes more.

  5. Over the nine weeks I’ve read “Middle School Get Me Out Of Here!” (2nd Book) by James Patterson. It is a humor and a tad of Science fiction. It is about a boy who’s life is all plain and boring, But when he decides to break 1 rule his life changes forever. But back to the 2nd book. His family has to move to the city to make a living because his moms diner burns down,So he and his mom are forced to live with his grandmother. They decide to put him in a fine arts school because of his love of drawing but in the school he and some new friends make his rule breaking legacy live on! You should read the book it will leave you laughing.

  6. The book I enjoyed the most over the summer was a book called ” The Throne of Fire”. This book is about two siblings, Carter and Sadie Cane, trying to defeat an evil serpent called Apophis. This was a good book because it told many facts about Egyptian mythology. This book was not as good as the book as the first book, ” The Red Pyramid”. The first book was better than the 2nd. the first book is a book that you don’t want to put down. I hope you continue to read the many books published by Rick Riordan.

  7. At the moment I am reading a series called the Percy Jackson series. The main character, Percy, is attacked by a minotaur in the first book which brings him and his mom to Camp Half Blood. He meets a prophet who gives him the first adventure of his life time. He must complete a quest to obtain Zeus’s Master Bolt along with his friends, Annabeth and Grover the satyr (half man half goat). On their quest they meet many monsters, but because Percy just found out about his true identity, he isn’t a very experienced fighter. Annabeth helps him with his skills along with his mentor named Chiron. It is an amazing fantasy series and I would seriously reccomend it to anyone and everyone.

  8. Over the past nine weeks I’ve read “When You Reach Me” by Rebecca Stead. It is a mystery and a little bit of science fiction. It is about a girl whose mother is invited to win 20k. The girl is informed by a series of notes. She later figures out that a time traveler left the notes of how a stranger will help save her friend and freaks out. This book is a really good book that will definitely leave you hanging.

  9. These last nine weeks I read”Little Women” and it was awesome! It’s about four sisters, Jo, Meg , Amy ,and Beth. I like the way the author, Louisa May Alcott, builds the personality of each character. You should read it!

  10. The book I liked the most that I read for my reading log was called “Spoiled”. It’s about a girl named Molly whos mother died from a sickness and she has to go live with her dad who she has never met before. Before her mother died she told her dad is a famouse actor named Brick Berlin and that he has a daughter her same age named Brook Berlin. When she arrives in LA her dad is very nice to her and she thought brook was a great sister. she later learns Brook is spoiled and gets everything her way. Brook hates Molly because she is getting all the attention the brook thinks she should be getting because she is a soon to be famous actress like her dad.

  11. The last week of summer I found a most curious book. At first there is no conflict at first, but there is a sense of impure action from the main characters. Throughout the book you are bewildered by the actions of the protagonist and the antagonist. But then as the story unfolds and more secrets are unveiled you gain a growing sense of fear for you finally understand what’s really going on and that is when it begins, The countdown to midnight. I found this book suspenseful and fun and overall the best book I read this summer.

  12. “The Mark of Athena” This is the book that i thought was the best over the past 9 weeks. This book has a great plot and violence that many people will enjoy because the giants are a threat but the Romans are as well as they threaten to launch a full on assault on the Greeks. The ending will leave you wondering what will happen in the next book to come

  13. For the reading blog for the first nine weeks I read “The Mistirious Benidict Society.” After hearing the other kids at my table talk about this book and it’s unique characters I desired to check it out. And I’m glad I did! They were more than right! The characters are so unique and it’s amazing that Trenton Lee could put so many unusual twists in one book. After I finished this three book series and had to say good by to the people I had grown to be so close to, I felt as if part of my chemical makeup had just been disintegrated and I found my self wondering ‘What could happen next?’ I definitely recommend this for people how are into adventurous books and riddles. Overall, this book has to be in my top ten!

  14. “I Like Him, He Likes Her” by Phillis Naylor was one of the amazing books i read over this nine weeks. Phillis Naylor does such a spectacular job of describing what its like to be a love sick 14 yr old, and how friends and family are really there for you in life. This book literally sweeps you into the life of Alice McKinley, through the authors vivid description and amazing imagery.

  15. I just finished reading “October Baby”. this book is about girl who found out she was adopted which unraveled all the secrets her parents kept from her such as the fact that she survived a failed abortion. She then sets out to find her birth mother to get some more answers about her life. I thought the book was OK but I think the ending could have been better.

  16. my favorite book so far has been the cherub series i have read all twelve books. its about this secret kid organization where they use kids as spies each book there is a new mission that gos haywire in some way. the main character of this book is James Adams. the reason why i enjoy these books so much is because the author Robert muchamore he does a great job of putting in just the right amount of action adventure and the perfect amount of student life drama. if you like adventure and very instresting missions than this is the perfect book for you. this book has kept me awake night after night. i try to savor these books as much as i can but i find myself sometimes not keeping up with the pages im reading and finish the whole book in one sitting

  17. A book that I read this summer was “The Devil Wears Prada” by Lauren Weisberger. “The Devil Wears Prada” is a book about a woman in her thirties living in new york city who wants to be a journalist for the New York Times. figuring this job would something good to put on her resume, she applies for a fashion job working as an assistant for an extremely mean woman who is, according to Andrea, a devil. this book is a realistic fiction that is compelling, thought provoking, and irresistible.

  18. One of the books I read that shows a call to adventure is “The Truth About Forever” by Sarah Dessen. After Macy’s father died last summer all she wants is her life to go back to normal, but she’s not quite sure what that is anymore. She quits her job at the library she gets called to work for Wish Catering. While working for that she meets some new friends, which she has never really had before, she also learns a lot of new things about herself. Her sister helps her and her mom try to start over with their lives. Between her sister and her catering job she learns to let go a little from her past and help her restart her life!! If you haven’t read Sarah Dessen then try one of her books and you’ll be hooked instantly!!

  19. Over the summer I read the action/romance novel “Delerium” by Lauren Oliver. In this book Lena Halloway is living in the world where love is a deadly disease. Until she is called to adventure by a boy named Alex. Alex is madly in love with Lena, but Lena is somewhat afraid that Alex will give her the disease, but there is something that Alex is hiding from Lena something that will take them into dangerous situations that they never expected to be in, wild places that they never imagined they would go, and will entangle you in the shocking book that is……. “Delerium”!!!!!

  20. I read a few book this first nine weeks, and one of them was called “Sold” by Patricia McCormick. The main character was named Lakshmi, a young girl who lived in India. Her family lived in a small hut and was struggling to make it by. So, her step-father gave her away to a woman, who Lakshmi thought was a maid. She also thought that she would make money by being a maid, but she was wrong. She was sold into prostitution and was manipulated so she felt as if she could never get out. She felt like she she should give up, but she met other friends who were also sold into prostitution and they helped her to not give up, and to keep trying so they could get out, and live a better life. Overall, Lakshmi learned that if you do not try, you will not improve, or in her case live a good life.

  21. A book I have read was “That Summer” by Sarah Dessen. Haven has had a rough time ever since her parents divorced. When summer comes she starts thinking about the summer before her family changed. In her old life her parents were happy and her older sister was nice to her. In the end Haven has to deal with change. I think it was a good book overall. It was interesting to see how she deals with the changes in her life.

  22. all of the books on my reading log is from Rick Riordan but my favorite one was “The Mark of Athena.” this was my favorite book by far from the series because in the others it shows the boys from the different camps but not together. this is why i liked it so much because it showed how it all fit in together and what they needed to do to stop the as you would say the bad people. The reason i kept on reading was to expect unexpected. their was no surprises you couldn’t think of! i would recommend series and all of the Riordan series!

  23. Recently I just read a book called “Celendine” by Steve Aurgarde. I really enjoyed this book because it creates a lot of suspence about whats going to happen. It really shows the main characters personality by showing her thoughts and worries which created more drama as she was called to adventure by something peculiar she found in the woods. The book shows how different Celindine age 13 is from her two brothers and how they interact. She is so calm and daring when one of her brothers is a bossy know it all and her other brother is so adventurous and wants to do everything right away. This book really tests Celindines bravery. I read this book everynight and couldn’t get my head out of it.

  24. my favorite book my FAR this 9 weeks is “Twisted” by Sarah Sheapard. I love this book because you simply can’t put it down. I can’t give away too much but the series is a mystery about four girls who best friend Ali disappears, soon they start getting emails, text messages and written notes about things that only Ali new from a anonymous person who calls them self A. This book is the 9th book in the series and is a page turner that keeps you up all night. Its one of those books that answers all of the question that you have been keeping in your mind the whole series, and that is why Twisted was my favorite book.

  25. Over the past nine weeks I read a book called Titanicus. It takes place in the 41st millennium, which is, obviously, in the far future. The main character, a man named Gearheart, is a commander of a Titan, a giant war machine that is shaped somewhat like a human. He is called to adventure when the world of Orestes, a planet that is essential to fueling a war that humanity is fighting, is attacked by mysterious enemies. He is reluctant at first, but when he sees messages sent by sad people who lost friends and family, he knows he has to go and help. It is a very good book, and I had fun reading it.

  26. One book that I really enjoyed reading was “Farmer Boy” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. It’s about a boy named Almanzo and he and his family live on their farm. It’s a true story about how he and his family live within a small community in the pioneer times. Plus, everything’s so small! Small school, small town, small farm, but big problems.
    The reason I enjoyed reading this book was because it’s amazing to see how differently they lived their lives compared to us. And it also turns out that Almanzo becomes the authors husband!

    • Good job, Ivany. Your sentence “Small school, small town, small farm, but big problems” really illustrates the point you are making with effective use of repetition and specific examples. Nice style!

  27. A book i enjoyed reading “The Fault in our Stars” by John Green. “The Fault in our Stars” was an excellent book choice for me. Claire goes to this support group for people that have had or are having to go through cancer. Claire has a lung cancer and goes to support group unwilling each week, until a cute boy shows up one day. She falls in love with Augustus Waters, a cancer survivor but not without the loss of a leg.He ends up taking her to meet her favorite author while falling in love with her. On their trip Amanda finds out horrible news that will effect the rest of her life. The item that made this book exciting was the plot. Their was always something exciting on almost every page. This book was one of the sadder books i have read. It made me cry at the end. I love the books that stay with you long after you read them. I love the kind of books that linger in your heart, reminding you of the bittersweetness of the book.

    • I’ve gotta try this one after a review like that! John Green impressed me with that “Welcome back to school” video he made that I showed on our first day of school, and I would imagine he is an impressive author, too.

  28. For my birthday, my dad gave me a book called “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. The main character, Beatrice, just turned sixteen which meant she got to go to the Choosing Ceremony, to see which faction she chooses. She choose the faction Dauntless, the most ruthless and adrenaline rushed faction which meant that she left behind the quiet, selfless Abnegation faction where her family was, where now most of them call her a traitor. There trainer, Four, prepared them for all three of her tests, if Beatrice, or Tris which is how they call her, didn’t pass, she would remain factionless living on the streets,poor. This story is all in one; tragedy,hope,fear,love, and terrible fate mixed together to form a perfect combination.

  29. One of my favorite books that I put on my reading log was “Divergent” by Veronica Roth. I really l liked it because it was suspenseful and thrilling. I read for hours at a time and still I wanted more! It is kind of a dark book but there are also parts full of laughter. Veronica Roth explained every character with amazing detail, you felt like you could actually know each one of them! “Divergent” is really similar to “The Hunger Games”, it is futuristic and pretty action-packed. I just couldn’t put this book down! Even if you don’t like to read, this book is incredible!

  30. A book I read on my reading log was “Halo: The fall of Reach” By: Eric Nylund. The story begins by the UNSC beginning a program called MJOLNIR and SPARTAN II, and a 5 year old boy named John, was selected. He is guided by his friend, Dr.Halsey to be one of the most succsessful and last Spartans to survive Reach. This book was keeping me on my toes with all the ups and downs of the story. It’s a great book and I hope to read many more of the series!

  31. I read multiple books that i enjoyed in this past nine weeks and the summer. Two of which were books in the Cherub series by Robert Muchamore called The Fall, and Mad dogs. The books in the series are about a British teenager named James Adams, who, in the beginning is 13 and lives on “Campus” with hundreds of other kids aged anywhere between 9 and 18 years old. All of these kids are spies and are sent to foreign places and inserted into gangs and illegal operations, all the while abiding the law, and they take down the gangs and criminals. The books are great reads and i usually don’t like reading, but with these books, i couldn’t put them down!

  32. One of the stunning books I have read this year is “Last Shot” by John fenstien, a thrilling mystery with surprises around each and every corner. I really enjoyed the way he used vivid imagery so I had a picture in my head. The details the author put in the book and the idea is just brilliant. I loved the way the author tied everything together at the end with a fist clenching suspenseful ending. Over all this was one of my favorite book and I request it to all.

  33. My favorite book that I read for the reading log is Pendragon: The Merchant of Death by D.J. MacHale. This is a fantasy book that was very intense and also a little humorous at times. What I like about the book is that I can really relate to the main character, Bobby, he plays sports, he’s my age, he also has a fun, adventurous Uncle, as I have a grand dad of the same sort. This book blew my mind, I’ve never put any sort of thought to the events that happened.

  34. I just finished reading “Faking 19”. The book was about a 18 year old girl named Alex whose world is completely turned upside down. Complete with failing all her classes, finding out her dad is leaving the family, losing her best friend and faking her age. The whole book was all about how much she has messed up her life and what shes going to do to fix it. I couldn’t believe ending, it was nothing i would have ever guessed. Overall, the book was not one of my favorites.

  35. My favorite book on my reading log is “Insurgent”, the second book in the Divergent series. In this book, Tris is called to adventure by her unpleasent circumstance of being forced out of Dauntless (her faction) by war. Tris has to flee her faction and go to the facion of peace and kindness called Amity and search within the fence for the secret to stop the war. On her journey, she discovers new things about herself and the people surounding her. When a shocking discovery about her family interupts her mission she has to choose: family or faction.

  36. One of the best books that I read this summer is called “Divergent.” It’s a gripping story by Veronica Roth in which Beatrice Prior is forced to make a life or death choice which could mean the end of the world, as she knows it. It is alot like “The Hunger Games,” if you’ve read that. According to this story, very few people know that life revolves around a select few choices that are our responsibility to make. The book kept me up for night after night, as I ouldn’t believe what happened in the book, and that I couldn’t believe that this could be our own future! At least I was up during summer, and not on school nights…

  37. Over the summer I read a book called No Easy Day by Mark Owen. This is an autobiography about one of the members of Seal Team 6 who went and killed Osama bin Laden. In this book, Mark Owen was called to adventure at the last moment. Seal Team 6 had been training for months on a mock-up compound but they did not know who they were going to eliminate until the last second. Mark Owen is called to adventure by Admiral William McRaven, the commander of Joint Special Operations Command, the organization that tells Seal Team 6 where to go, what to do and when to sleep. When Mark Owen bravely accepted the challenge to go kill Osama bin Laden in Pakistani territory, he was called to adventure. Mark Owen and Seal Team 6 did an amazing job and the entire mission will always be in the manuscripts of history.

  38. The book I most enjoyed was “Diary of a Wimpy Kid Cabin Fever”.This book was really funny which generally keeps me hooked on to a book. The humour was in the way he described events, from when he described him and video games all the way to him and his brother. The author kept the humour throughout the series and has done a good job writing the book. I can’t wait for the next book!

  39. The book I enjoyed the most on my reading log was actually an audiobook I listened to called “Lost on Planet China,” by J. Maarten Troost. It is a narrative of a man’s vacation in China, in attempt to understand a country so large. He roams through the streets of Beijing, armed with his copy of “Chinese For Dummies” and his determination to visit all the different parts of a 10,000 year old country. The audiobook made me laugh until I cried as he tells his stories of trying to understand the dialect, tone, writing, and languages of China while also teaching the history. He struggles in restaurant ordering the skewered chicken and ending up with the beef liver and heart stewed in oyster sauce. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a good laugh and or a history of an ancient country.

    • Alex, I’ll make note of this for our unit on expository writing in the spring. I’m always looking for new nonfiction for us to read in class, and it sounds like there would be some great excerpts in this!

  40. One of the books that I read was “‘Till Death Do Us Bark”. I really liked that book because the format of the book was different, it was mostly made up of letters the characters wrote to each other. I also thought it was very interesting because of the whole reason of the plot, a simple question many kids would ask that we would think is such a harmful question…”Can I have a dog?” This child who asked this went through many different challenges he decided to face. As well, as this boy asking this curious question, there is another story going on. That is another thing I like about this book (it is in a series) is that there are usually more than just one story going on in the book, there are usually multiple and it is fun to see how they all tie together.

  41. A book I read for my reading log that showed a call to adventure was “Lock and Key” by Sarah Dessen. The main character, Ruby, is forced to leave her old home where she was living on her own at the age of eighteen and go to live with her sister and her brother in law because the state is making her. It’s not neccesarily a common call to adventure that you would think of, but it still is. She is forced to try to turn her life around and start over with a new school, new family, new everything.There to help her through it is her new neighbor, Nate, and brother inlaw Jamie. This was a really good book and also shows a call to adventure!

  42. This semester i read “The Falcon’s Maltesers”. It was a very interesting read about a pair of brothers who ran a detective agency. One day the brothers got a mysterious package of Maltesers, a type of hard candy, and were asked to protect it for 500 dollars. Little did they know, just about every criminal in the country were after the Maltesers, and the brothers have to be clever and lucky to stay alive. The story makes you want to keep reading so you can find out the answers to the mysteries.

  43. The book that I enjoyed the most was “Death Sentence” by Alexander Gordon Smith. It is the third book in the series I think, but from the beginning it has captured me into reading all of them. From the start of the first book, the main character, Alex Sawyer, has gotten a call to adventure. He was taken to Furnace Penitentiary and as soon as he got there, he thought “I need to escape.”. That was his call to adventure, that one thought was all he needed. He was determined to get out, trying not to get taken and transformed into a black suit in the night, and try to stay alive. At the start of this book, he is getting taken into the place where everyone fears. The place where you get nectar put into your blood, causing you to turn evil and into a black suit. Will Alex remember what he was? Will he ever escape Furnace? I would recommend this book to anyone.

  44. Over the summer I read “Fugitives” which is the forth book in my favorite series, “Escape from Furnace”.
    The series takes place in England and is about a boy named Alex who gets into some trouble when he starts to rob houses. He gets arrested for a crime that he did not commit. He goes to the worst place on Earth, Furnace Penitentiary. This is no ordinary jail, Furnace is full of skinless dogs who always have blood on their breath, gigantic guards that move faster than light, and much more. I’m looking forward to the fifth and final one “Execution”

  45. I read “The Kill Order” and the main character, Mark, was somewhat called to adventure, and somewhat forced by his friend Alec. He was forced to go with Alec as a horrible turn of events happened on what was supposed to be a “perfect day”. Later on he chose to go to adventure by his feeling of wanting revenge. He then was called again to adventure by his friends, and how they were missing. Overall he was called to adventure by many things.

  46. The book I read was “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, which is one of the books in the fantastic Harry Potter series. I have read this book many times before, but this book really identifies the whole story. Harry is called to adventure by Hagrid, who tells him he has been entered into Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft and wizardry. Throughout the stories, Headmaster Dumbledore is there as Harry’s mentor. In the Half-Blood Prince, Harry and Dumbledore set out to find horcruxes, the dark and twisted objects that Voldemort (sorry, you-know-who), had put parts of his soul in. After many twists and turns, dangerous cliffs, and dark marks, Harry is never the same again.

  47. For one of the books I read for my reading log was “Umbrella Summer” by Lisa Graff. This book was about a girl who was afraid of everything because her brother, Jack died by getting hit in the heart by a hockey puck. She has decided to not trust anything or anyone in the world. There is a so-called “haunted house” across the street from her, that nobody has lived in for 50 years, and one day a movers truck dropped off boxes and an older lady. The girl decides to trust the old lady and meet her. She learns that the old lady had boxes of pictures and wouldn’t hang them up. Together, they learn to trust and have faith that everything is safe.

  48. During the first nine weeks of this school year, my favorite book I read was “The Rangers Apprentice- The Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan. Its about a boy named Will who lives in a Orphanage in a castle in medieval times. In the book everyone in the orphanage has to stand up in front of the leaders of the different parts of the castle. (e.g chef, warriors, scribes, ect…) Will is a very small boy, who is not big enough for battlescchool, and is not smart enough for scribeschool. So who will choose him?

  49. A book I on my reading log that I liked was, “Alex Rider: Ark Angel”. I lied this book because of the way the author didn’t let you know who the bad guy was until the end. Also the way Alex got out of some of the sticky situations he was put in was amazing. Also how easy it was to visualize, it seemed like you were watching a movie, but in your mind. I thought it was cool that the author spent so much time finding facts to use in his story which he talked about in the about the author section

  50. A book that I have read and has always been my favorite book of all time is “Battle of the labyrinth” by Rick Riordan. It is his 3rd book in the Percy Jackson series and has a lot of myths incorporated into his story. The book is about Percy Jackson going on a quest find Daedalus. The book is funny and has a lot of adventures and thrillers.I personally have read it at least 6 times.

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