Spotlight on Fiction from Periods 2 and 3


Do you enjoy a good story?  Many of our bloggers are working on original fiction.  Pull up a chair and lend an ear to these intriguing tales:

“The Calling” by Kelley

“The Decay Method” by Tae-Kyung

“Morph, Chapter 1:  The Apocalypse” by Hunter

“The Agony” by Annie

“Johnny Stories, Part 1:  The Wagon” by Ryan

“The Visitor, Part 5” by Christopher

“In the Shadows” by London

“What Do You Think You Saw?” by James


Image Credit: Drew Bandy via Compfight

3 thoughts on “Spotlight on Fiction from Periods 2 and 3

  1. I’m on the list! I’ve always liked writing and reading fiction books. I can only write the beginning of short fiction stories because I run out of ideas quickly. I’ve read the other bloggers’ posts and I think theirs’ are really good too!

  2. Yes, I would agree that these stories are wonderful! Before reading these, I wasn’t one for fiction, but these tales made me more fond of the fiction category! I enjoyed reading these stories as well!

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