British Columbia: What We THINK We Know

In the past few weeks, we’ve been excited to receive visits from students in Mrs. Smith’s class in British Columbia.  We want to learn more about where they live, but first we asked ourselves what we already know about their home.  Some of our ideas may not be as accurate as others, but in the coming days, we’ll investigate which of our statements are true and which not.

Here’s what we think we know:

British Columbia is a province in Western Canada
The people there are British!
They have British accents.
It’s very cold there much of the year.
The scenery is very green…lots of evergreen trees grow there.
British Columbia is in the Taiga Biome (someone’s paying attention in science class!)
Hockey is the big sport (others said no, it’s rugby).
Skiing is also huge.
British Columbia has recently hosted the World Cup.
Many American television shows are filmed there.
It’s the only other country with “American” football.
The people there speak French (others said nope, British Columbia is the only Canadian province where French is NOT the language).
The people there like maple syrup!
The flag is red and white striped with a maple leaf.
The time zone is Pacific, same as California.

Mrs. Smith’s class, how did we do?  We’ll post again after we learn more!

14 thoughts on “British Columbia: What We THINK We Know

  1. Hi Mrs. Kriese,
    WOW! 🙂 You and your class have found out so many things about British Columbia! I am in Ms. Smith’s class so I live on Vancouver Island! I think that is amazing how much info you got because half of that stuff I don’t even know! 🙂 Even if I have lived in many parts of B.C.
    Thanks for this info,

  2. Thank you to all of Mrs. Smith’s students for leaving such thoughtful and informative comments on our post! We’ll spend some class time this afternoon researching and exploring (virtually) your area, and by early next week, we’ll post what we learn 🙂

  3. Hi Mrs. Kreise & class,
    I think it is really neat that you are trying to learn more about the people who are visiting your blog. Your students were right about several things about British Columbia. For example, BC is a province in western Canada. It is very green here. In fact, our classroom even looks out into the forest. It’s really pretty.
    Thanks for a great post,

  4. Hello Mrs. Kriese,
    I am from Mrs. Smith’s class. I enjoyed reading this post a lot. I was born in the capital of British Columbia, known as Victoria. Your class got some answers right and some answers wrong. We are not all British although some people are. Not many people have British accents. Hockey is the big sport of Canada. I play Hockey. Skiing is bigger in different parts of B.C. Your class did pretty well. I love your blog.

    Sincerely Tyler M. 🙂

    Tyler M’s blog
    Huzzah! Our class blog

  5. Hello Ms K,
    This is fayth from ms smiths class,
    Your students sure do know a lot about British Columbia, you said that everyone in British Columbia talks with a British accent, but not every one does. Hockey is one of our main sports but soccer is also at the top of the charts. Yes skiing is huge, but it barely snows up on the mountains, we usually go to Whistler which is on the main land.

    Sincerly fayth
    here is my blog URL:

  6. Hello Mrs. Kriese,
    To answer some questions, No we don’t have British accents, yes a lot of American TV shows are filmed here, yes a lot of people speak french in all the provinces of Canada, we DO love maple syrup and the flag you described is not the BC flag, the one you described is the Canadian flag. The BC flag has the sun on the bottom with red and blue stripes on the top! Your class got pretty close with everything!

    Nates’s blog
    Huzzah! Our class blog

  7. Hi Ms. K,
    I am in Mrs. Smith’s class
    Your students have a lot of ideas for what B.C is like some of them are right some are wrong i will be telling you what ones are right and what ones are wrong. We are not British and don’t have British accents. it is medium here most of the year. the scenery is very green. hockey is the big sport but rugby is 3rd soccer is 2nd. skiing is also pretty big. this year we hosted the women’s world cup. many american shows are filmed here. yes i think we are the only other country with american football, but our football is different, we have shorter field and the posts are at the front of the end-zone. French is not our first language English is. We like maple syrup but not a lot. Our country’s flag red and white with a maple leaf. yes the time zone is the same as California. Here are some facts about B.C. The capital city is Victoria, but the biggest city is Vancouver. It is really cold in some places but it isn’t to cold here. here is a link to our page.

    Elijah’s blog
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  8. Dear Mrs. Kriese
    I am Connor from Ms. Smiths class. We read your post about British Columbia as a whole class and we found it to be quite funny. To clear up some of your misconceptions, we are not British, and we do not speak with a British accent. We do not speak french as our main language in B.C, the province of Quebec do. Hockey is the biggest sport here, and rugby super popular, and soccer is the second most popular sport.
    Thank you for reading,
    Connor’s blog
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  9. Hi Mrs.Kriese,
    Most of your guesses are correct. We do not have British accents but some people are British. Some people here speak French as our second language but English is our first language. The flag your class listed is the flag of Canada. British Columbia’s flag is the UK’s flag at the top with a crown in the middle with white and blue waves with a sun on it at the bottom. Hockey is in fact the big sport here. Where we live it is mostly cold in fall and winter but in northern BC it is very cold most of the time.


  10. Hello Ms.K’s class,
    I am in Mrs smiths class. Your students have a lot of ideas for were we live. Some of them are right like British Columbia is a Provence west and The time zone is Pacific Canada but most of them are wrong like We are British and We have British accents we are Canadian but some of us came from Great Britten.

  11. Hi Mrs. Kriese,
    Some of those things are true and that’s okay that not everything was right. The only thing I know about Texas is that there’s lot’s of people with Southern Accents and it’s pretty much always sunny. No we are not British. But that’s okay that you didn’t get that because lot’s of people probably think that. Are my facts right or wrong?
    Sincerely, Alinna
    Alinna’s blog
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  12. Hi Mrs. Kriese and your class.
    As you know we are from British Columbia, I read your post on what you already think you know about British Columbia. You said that everyone there is British. I am sorry to say but not everyone here is British or talks in a British accent. But the funny thing is that I am from England and with a British accent. So you were a bit right, some people are British.
    Sincerely, Morgan
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