What We’ve Learned About British Columbia

We took out our iPads and started exploring Comox Valley, Vancouver Island, Canada.  What a beautiful, interesting place!

Here are some of the facts we learned:
British Columbia is one of the world’s top three producers of blueberries and cranberries.
The provincial flower is the dogwood.

Fishing is essential to the economy.
Vancouver is home to one of the longest suspension bridges in world.

Forty per cent of Vancouver residents are foreign-born (in our home of Austin, that number is twenty per cent).
Vancouver Island the largest Pacific island east of New Zealand.
Some of the best caving areas in the world are in Vancouver Island.
The island was first colonized in 1861.
Average winter temperatures hover in the 40s; average summer temperatures are in the 70s.  We’re jealous!

We decided that the British Columbia flag is one of the most awesome flags we’ve ever seen!

Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

 We also watched this video tour of Comox Valley, home to Mrs. Smith’s seventh grade class.  Looks like a great place to live!

After watching this video, we have to say that the scenery is beautiful!  Wow!

7 thoughts on “What We’ve Learned About British Columbia

  1. Hi Mrs. Kriese,

    Wow, you did a great job of your research! The facts you discovered are many of the things we love about our province and our local community. I actually grow blueberries in my garden–as well as strawberries and blackberries. The video showed much of the best of the Comox Valley where we live. Many of my students have skied, tubed, or boarded on Mount Washington and fed the Whiskey Jacks (Grey Jays) in winter or summer. We all love to spend time near or on the water, be it Comox Lake, the Puntledge River, or the Straight of Georgia. Fishing for salmon is not just a business here, it is fun form of recreation that also puts food on our tables.

    Vancouver is a very multicultural city, but the Valley is less so. But over time we are beginning to welcome people from all over the world. Hey, wanna visit?

    By the way, we have done our own brainstorming about what we think we know about Texas: http://huzzah.edublogs.org/2015/11/05/texas/

    Thanks again for a great post,
    Jan Smith & the Huzzahnians

    • Hello Mrs. Smith and the Huzzahnians–

      Yes, we would LOVE to visit your valley some day! We were in unanimous agreement that it looks like a wonderful place to live, though a few of us wondered if we might tire of the snow once we got over our initial delight 🙂

      We enjoyed reading your post about Texas. It was fun to compare the perceptions with the facts, and as the students who commented pointed out, y’all got many things right about our state. If you’d like to know more about Austin, you’ll find information by visiting our “About Me” page and by clicking on the “Student Spotlight” tag of our blog. Many kids have written posts about what they love about our town.

      Thank you for your post!
      Mrs. Kriese and Students

  2. Hello Mrs. K’s class,
    This is Abbie from Ms. Smith’s class in the Comox Valley.
    Wow, I didn’t even know that our province was the top producer of cranberries and blueberries, but I guess you learn something new everyday! I also didn’t know that 40% of Vancouver’s residents were foreign born. Yes it does get quite cold when you are up at Mount Washington skiing, but right now there is no snow on the mountain! I love that video, the Comox Valley really is a great place to live!
    Thanks for all that new information that I did not know about this province!
    Sincerely, Abbie
    My blog: http://abbienz13.edublogs.org/

  3. Hi Miss Kriese’s Class!
    My name is Autumn and I am a student of Ms. Smith. I thought is was funny you guys showing what you thought you know about British Columbia. I have no hate, I just thought it was funny and cute. But remember, not all of us have British accents! 🙂
    Your next post was a on the dot about a lot of things. But I wouldn’t be jealous of the temp, because even though I have lived here my whole life, I still can’t stand the cold. But it mostly rains in winter and Fall. We sometimes get snow, but where I live it i mostly a rain forest (Rain forest is not just the meaning for a jungle. The rain forest here consists of a lot of evergreen, pine etc. and it just rains a lot. Except for summer. Summer here probably isn’t as hot as it is for you, but for us when it’s cold and the perfect temp in spring, it’s uncomfortable for us.
    Thanks you guys are super cool!

  4. Hello Mrs. Kriese,
    I am Elijah from Ms. Smiths class you guys have learned a lot since your first post about B.C. The caves here are so cool but there are some that you have to get a guide to go in them because they are so dangerous there are some where you have to go straight down on ropes because it is the only way to get down. i went in a cave where you had to take a 20 foot ladder to get to the main part but we didn’t go down because there was water up to your knees at the bottom. There is a mountain here where you can pick wild blueberries.

  5. I did not know that British Columbia is one of the top producers of blueberries, that’s awesome. I like this post because it has facts on a country that I know nothing about. Have you blogged about any other countries? http://www.flags8.org

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