The Gift of a Goat

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For the past few weeks, our seventh period class has been participating in the Global Read Aloud.  Along with hundreds of other classes from all around the world, we are enjoying the book Fish by L.S. Matthews.

We’ve been moved by the experiences of Tiger.  The child and his (her?  Matthews never reveals whether Tiger is a boy or girl) family are aide workers in a country that has been torn by war.  When the fighting gets close to the village the family  has been working in, they become refugees along with the villagers.

As we discuss character, plot, conflict, and author’s craft, we also discuss the real world situation that this book parallels.  Although the current Syrian refugee crisis wasn’t happening the year that Fish was published, the story is much the same as those being told in today’s headlines.

These stories of refugee suffering have touched our hearts and prompted us to consider what it is like to be a refugee or a member of a family that is battling hunger and extreme poverty.  We’ve been talking about how we could help people in need, just like the family in Fish did.

One concrete project we talked about in class involves helping families like those that Tiger’s family was helping before they had to flee.  Through the tweets of other teachers whose classes are reading Fish, we’ve found Heifer International.   This organization provides a goat, a cow, chickens and other livestock to very poor, hungry families so that those families then have the means to feed themselves and, with guidance, turn their animal into a source of income.

We found out that the cost of providing a family with a goat is $120. We’re exploring fundraising options now, and we will post again when we have our plan in place! We’re very excited to start a project that will help people who are struggling with hunger and poverty.

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3 thoughts on “The Gift of a Goat

  1. Dear Mrs. Kriese,

    I love the idea of giving animals instead of food to the refugees in Syria. Unlike giving food, which lasts one day, an animal can supply people with milk, eggs, and they could breed the animals and get more food or sell off the animal for more things that could help.

  2. Hello Mrs. Kriese,

    That is a really cool idea. At my church we do something that is a bit like that. Around Christmas time they sell cards. Before you buy them you look through a catalog. It has all types of animals, from chicks to cows. You chose one and then you pay for it and get a card. Inside the card it tells you that you have been given the gift of giving. When we gave one to my Grandmother she was really happy!

    – Sarah K.

  3. Hello Mrs. Kriese,

    I absolutely love this idea! And I’m willing to help out with anything! If you’re doing a bake sale. I will bake cookies, cakes, and even BROWNIES!!! I just want to help the children who suffer from starvation almost everyday! And I know we can raise 120 dollars. If we get our hands dirty. WE COULD DO THIS!!!

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