Planning Our Project

On Friday, period 7 students made progress in planning their Heifer International Project. Realizing the importance of including their parents in their plans, they wrote the following letter to Mom and Dad:

Dear Parents–

We would like to inform you that our class has had an idea. We’ve been reading the book Fish, and we’ve learned more about what it is like to be a refugee. The main character Tiger helps refugees, and eventually he becomes one when all the helpers have to flee the village. This book made us think about all the people who have been suffering in the world. We feel compassion for them, and we are passionate about helping.

Our plan is to have a bake sale to raise $120 (or more) to buy a goat for a family through Heifer International. You can read about that organization and watch a video about them in this blog post.  We’ve learned how owning a goat can help a family that is struggling with hunger and poverty.

We would like your support in helping us make cookies, cupcakes, and other baked goods for the sale. Mr. Ramsey has approved our bake sale for November 17, 18, and 19. Next week, we will make a schedule of who is going to bring what items and who will sit at the table to sell the things.

Thank you for your support. We appreciate all the trouble you go through to help our cause!


Mrs. Kriese’s 7th Period

We’re excited to see how much money we can raise to help people!  Maybe we’ll be able to give the gift of more than one goat, or have money left over to donate to the United Nations Refugee Agency.  We’ve seen pictures of children sleeping in the cold. A gift of $150 would buy sleeping bags for three families.

Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

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