Our Bake Sale Success!

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For three days last week, our seventh period class held a bake sale to raise money for Heifer International. The students were inspired to help by our reading of the book Fish by L. S. Matthews, and they put that inspiration to work!

Our goal was to raise $120 to buy a goat for a family in need, and we are happy to announce that we raised far more than that! The grand total after three days of selling doughnuts, cupcakes, and cookies was $339.35. Wow!

Students browsed the Heifer International catalog of livestock gifts and voted on how to spend the remaining money after the pledged $120 goat was purchased. Our results? In addition to the goat, we gave a llama, a hive of honeybees, and two flocks of chicks. How cool is that?

Our project was a success thanks to the many West Ridge students and parents who baked items for us to sell, who worked the sale table each morning, and who purchased the treats so that we could make a generous donation.  Congrats to all involved!

13 thoughts on “Our Bake Sale Success!

  1. I can’t believe that our school can eat that much food!!!! The good thing is that this helped a family in need and that is very important. I think its good for our school to be doing this. I hope I can help out with the next one. ­čÖé

  2. Hi Mrs. Kriese!
    This is a really cool project! It’s awesome you raised enough money to buy a goat, llama, honeybees, and chicks. I can’t believe you raised that much money!

  3. Hello Mrs. Kriese,

    That project was so thoughtful and amazing of your seventh period! And all that money that they made? That’s incredible. I hope the animals are treating their family well!

  4. Hi Mrs. Kriese,

    It’s amazing that we were able to raise so much money for Heifer International! The feeling you get when you know you have donated to help families in need. It’s truly amazing. We surpassed our goal by a lot! West Ridge students really like treats!

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  5. Even though I was only in that class for a little I really felt like I was apart of that fundraiser. I wish that I could of bought something but I had basketball every morning.

  6. Hi Mrs. Kriese.
    I think that it is awesome how you raised over double what your goal was! This is an amazing project to participate in. I think that you really changed some peoples lives for the better.

  7. I am very glad that the bake sale was a success. I think this was a great idea and that we should more things like this.

  8. Hello Mrs. Kriese,

    I am very excited to hear about the success! It’s amazing a family will be receiving their own goat! From my own experience, bake sales make me feel amazing and that I have helped a family in need!!!

  9. Hello Mrs. Kriese!

    I amazed that your class was able to raise so much money! I remember buying a cookie from the bake sale, it was delicious. Your students must of worked extremely hard to not only reach your goal, but almost triple it! Awesome job!

  10. That post was inspiring. Congratulations on raising so much money! I think it’s amazing that students got so inspired and decided to do something good. I also thought it was awesome that you managed to donate even more than a goat. Congratulations again and great post!

  11. Hey Mrs. Kriese! This was such a great idea to raise money for people in need. I love the idea of giving goats, because that gives them milk and lots of other things! I hope you keep on doing this, and I would love to help!

  12. Hello Mrs.Kriese

    I thought that it sounded like a very noble project when I first heard of it, and wished I could have bought something. The reason I couldn’t buy anything was that I had no money on me when I remembered it, which was at school.

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