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After we finished our reading of Fish for the Global Read Aloud, students were asked to share their thoughts about read aloud in general.  Was it something they valued and would want to continue?

In our district, students used to have 84 minutes of Language Arts each day, and with that amount of time, it was easy to incorporate read aloud into the curriculum.  Now that Language Arts classes are 52 minutes long (30 fewer minutes each day, or 2 1/2 fewer hours each week), it is difficult to incorporate and sustain a meaningful read aloud time.

Here are some of the student responses:

  • “I love read aloud because we get to talk about the book and the things we enjoyed.” –Thomas
  • “I really like read aloud because I understand more when someone else reads out loud.” — Briana
  • “I enjoy read aloud because it give the characters a voice.” — Zach D.
  • “Read aloud is a time that I can relax, and I enjoy that after a long school day.” — Anonymous
  • “I enjoy read aloud because our class actually knows what’s going on as a  group.” — Carter
  • “When someone else reads aloud, it helps make imagery.  We can also discuss our thoughts and questions, so we can opinions from everybody.” — Shamya
  • “Read aloud is a relaxing time to listen, think, and not work.” — Jedi
  • “With read aloud, I get to hear stories I never heard about before.” — Sebastian

Students definitely want to continue read aloud, and so do I.  Research backs us up:  among this study’s 13 reasons to use read aloud with older students is the fact that the practice improves student reading and writing, and reading and writing is what we are all about in English class!

It’s up to me as the teacher to make time in our curriculum for this valuable practice…and to develop the stamina to read aloud daily to five different groups of students instead of the three that I used to have 🙂


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14 thoughts on “Read Aloud ?

  1. Hello, my name is Mikayla. I live in California. Looking through your blog, this post really caught my eye because I have never heard of Read Aloud before you mentioned it in your post. I think that Read Aloud is a really cool idea for a new way of learning, it seems like it really helps students comprehend the material, I think it should stay. What grade do you teach?

    • Hello Mikayla,

      Thank you for your interest in our class blog! We are a class of seventh graders, and the subject I teach is English.

      Yes, reading aloud (and hearing others read aloud) is an important part of learning about language. I wish we had more time for this activity!

      Can you remember any books your teachers or parents read aloud to you?

      Mrs. Kriese

  2. I agree with that quote. Reading should be a gift. Even when it is a chore or a task it does’nt feel like it. That video was super cool!

  3. I really like how you get your point across easily without directly saying it. I also really like how you made the quotes from students bled perfectly with the made body of the post. I especially like how you used a study to back up your point about Read Aloud. This convinced anyone who didn’t quite think that it was as good as you say it was. In this post you stated your opinion clearly and backed it up with both fact and students opinions. This was a very clear and professional way to write a blog post.

  4. I really enjoy reading both by myself and listening to other people reading to me. I think that listening to someone read is really relaxing in a different way from reading to yourself. Reading is really enjoyable to me because I like that it takes me to another world.

  5. I love reading, especially with a good book. I would really enjoy it if we had read-aloud, I remember having it in first grade.

  6. I love reading aloud, I wish we still continued the practice! It brings back a lot of memories from kindergarten. Nostalgic, if you will. So glad i’m not the only one.

  7. I love reading fictional books. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told my brother, “I’ll read for ten minutes then play with you.” And 3 hours later I’m still reading.

  8. Hi Mrs. Kriese,
    I really love reading and I know a lot of other people who do too. The thing is though, I hate reading aloud because I don’t really like being the center of attention in class. I think this post definitely has different opinions depending on who reads it. A lot of people who hate reading in general, love reading aloud in class but, others don’t like reading aloud. Same goes for people who love to read too. My opinion, it just depends on the person.

    Carly S.

  9. I agree also! I love to read aloud and i think it makes me become a better readed every time i do it! When you read inside your head its not practicing your reading skills all the way i think.

  10. I quite agree with that quote, reading should not be a chore but a gift. I personally love reading as does everyone in my family. Even when I do it for schoolwork it never feels like a chore because I just love reading.

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