Spotlight on 7th Period


Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

When we talk about VOICE in writing, we mean that we can hear the writer’s PERSONALITY come through his or her words.  Our seventh period writers have done a great job developing voice in their compositions, and you’re sure to enjoy those wonderful voices as you read their work:

Aaron shares his thoughts about a certain presidential candidate.

Briana relates a rather scary hoverboard experience.

Caroline has us all hungry for Girl Scout cookies!

Carter takes us hunting over the holidays.

Drew has a new game to tell us about.

Emma tells us about her favorite store.

Kaleb shares what it was like to have his tonsils out.

Kendall reviews a book she enjoyed reading.

Kyrstin remembers a frightening swimming pool incident.

We know that we still have some work to do in editing our writing for correct punctuation, capitalization, and grammar, but hey, we’re making progress!  Watch us this spring as we continue to grow in our ability.

That’s a look at the first half of the alphabet.  We’ll visit the second half of our roster next week!