Up and Running!

Digstar StarTop USB mechanical gaming keyboard 05

                                           Hideya HAMANO via Compfight

Why do we blog?

  • To share our knowledge

“Climate Change” by Lucus

“The Discovery of Planet Nine” by Jack

“Never Give Up” by Kristi

  • To express our opinions

“My Lullaby” by Jackson

“Clinton vs. Trump” by Sinan

“Collin Kaepernick and His Protest” by Bobby

“The Ups and Downs of the Cowboys” by Ben N.

  • To relate our experiences

“Home Run” by Ava L.

“My First Soccer Game of the Season” by Preston Z.

“Nervousness” by Ingrid

“Jingles” by Katie M.

“Here Comes the Bride” by Sophie M.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at other blogs to notice more about digital writing: What draws us in as readers?  What keeps us reading?  How is digital writing different from other kinds of writing?

Watch our posts for improvement!  We’re excited about the possibilities.



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