Let’s Visit! #16stubc

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One of the reasons we are blogging is to make connections with other student writers. Take some time to visit these classrooms from other parts of the world.  Introduce yourself as a student from Texas (remember, no last names!) and ask a question or share a thought in response to what the student you are visiting has to say.

Be sure to leave the link to your blog so that you can receive a visit in return!

Mrs. Flannery’s class in Australia

Mrs. Gordana’s class in Serbia

Mrs. Carvalho’s class in Portugal

Mr. Dahl’s class in China

Mr. Webb’s class in New Zealand

10 thoughts on “Let’s Visit! #16stubc

  1. Hi Everyone 🙂

    I teach 7th grade in Pennsylvania! I am looking at student blogs to gather ideas to use with my students next year. I really enjoyed reading your blog. You have a lot of interesting writing pieces displayed. This world travel post/activity was my favorite! I hope to do something similiar with my students next year!

    Here is a link to my blog where I mentioned your class blog!

    • Hello Ms. Wiest!

      We’re glad you stopped in for a visit! It’s cool to see our blog mentioned on your own blog 🙂

      We have enjoyed our work this year. Most students say that the key is student choice of topic. Even if the genre is assigned for a particular week, students are still free to choose the content. We all write better when we care about the subject!

      School is out for summer here in Austin, but we’d love to connect with your class in Pennsylvania this fall! Let’s keep in touch!

      Mrs. Kriese

  2. Good morning everyone,

    I want to thank you all for leaving very interesting and thoughtful comments on our Class Blog. It is very exciting to know that our posts written in Australia are being read all the way over in Texas!

    We return to school next week from our mid-term break and we look forward to reading and commenting on your work.

    Chat soon!

    Mrs Flannery

    • We’ll be making more blogging visits next week! We look forward to exchanging ideas with y’all and learning more about student life in Australia.

      Mrs. Kriese and students

  3. Hi Ms. Kriese,
    My name is Cypress. I am 13 years old. I’m from Ms. Smiths class and I have a question for you.
    My EA at school was telling me about the bats under Congress St. bridge. It sounds really interesting. Could you tell me more about them, like what kind are they and how many are there?
    This message is from Vancouver Island.
    Ms. Smiths class.

    • Hello Cypress–

      Our bats are Mexican free-tailed bats. They migrate from Mexico every summer, which is the best time of year to view them. On those summer evenings, over one million bats fly out from under the bridge at dusk! They eat over ten thousand pounds of insects, so we’re grateful to them for that!

      We have also had bats at our school in West Austin. Sometimes our cameras would catch bats flying in our hallways at night, and once or twice, there have bats in the hall during the day! When that happens, we call on professionals to get rid of them for us.

      We look forward to visiting your blogs soon!
      Mrs. Kriese and students

  4. Hello Mrs. Kriese,
    My classmates and I would love to comment on your blog. We are a grade 6/7 split in the Comox Valley. We have started wood working and it is really fun. We are planning on making a break out box. Have you ever heard of breakout? You can check out our blog because we have some posts of my class doing breakout

    ~ Kaiya

    • Hello Kaiya–

      We haven’t done a breakout like what you’ve described in your class blog, but we do have the book Pax on our shelves! We’ll be starting it very soon as a read aloud. It will be fun to exchange ideas about that beautiful book!

      Mrs. Kriese and students

  5. Hi Mrs. Kriese
    I am a 6th grade student from Canada
    I think it would be fun to visit Texas because I want to see how hot it actually is! It also would be fun to see the kind of animals you have there! I love animals, here we have deer, lots of birds, squirrels and occasionally a bear or cougar.
    From Jayden

    • Hello Jaden–

      Lots of deer, birds, and squirrels here, too! There aren’t any bears in Texas, but there are mountain lions. Some of us have seen foxes in the wooded areas around our school.

      Texas is not the hottest state in the USA, but during one recent summer, we had more than sixty days in a row of temperatures over 100. Sometimes visitors walk out of our airport and are shocked at the wall of heat that awaits them!

      Thank you for visiting!
      Mrs. Kriese and students

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