#16stubc Australia: What We THINK We Know…

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Recently, we’ve received visitors from Mrs. Flannery’s class in Australia.  How cool is that?! We’re excited to be sharing our ideas with students in another part of the world.

Today we put together a list of what we think we know about Australia.  No iPads allowed…this is what we came up with without using the internet:

  • lots of kangaroos!
  • lots of scary, deadly animals live in Australia
  • more plains than mountain ranges
  • many tourist attractions, such as the Sydney Opera House
  • koalas!
  • rain forests!
  • Australians speak with an accent
  • famous for the Great Barrier Reef
  • emus! cassowaries!
  • great surfing!
  • had a national election in June

Mrs. Flannery’s class, how did we do?  What more can you tell us about where you live?

13 thoughts on “#16stubc Australia: What We THINK We Know…

  1. Hey Ms. Kriese class
    My name’s Grace and I’m from Mrs Flannery’s class in Australia.

    I like what you have written here, most is very true! I’d like to add, however, that we have many deserts here. There’s even a town (Cooper Pedy) located on top of an opal mine where everyone lives underground to escape the heat!

    One of our most famous icons is Uluru or Ayers Rock. It’s a massive sandstone ‘rock’ in the middle of Australia that is very important to the native Aboriginal people. It might sound boring, but I’ve been there, and it really is beautiful!

    I wonder what you will find if you google images of Australian landscapes?
    Yours faithfully,

  2. Hello! This is Mrs Flannery from Australia.

    I am impressed with what you know about our country. We live in a very small town about 600kms north of the city of Perth. Kalbarri is situated by the Murchison River and Indian Ocean so lots of our students fish and surf.

    The most common Australian animals we have where we live are kangaroos and emus although we have wallabies and echidnas too.

    Perhaps you can check out Kalbarri on the web and see what a beautiful place it is.

    We look forward to hearing all about where you live.

    Lynn Flannery

  3. Hey Ms. Kriese class

    Hi im tyler from Mrs’s. Smiths class and im to comment on your with a class from a different content. That sounds so cool that your class got to talk to a class from Australia, you guys also got did a game of what you know of about each country what your class said is probably what I would say to about Australia too but what would of been interesting is to hear what they know about the United States. Sincerely-Tyler

  4. Mrs Kriese
    I think that your class did really well and from what I know about Australia (which is a completely different country but we get confused with this all the time, people think that in New Zealand its the same as Australia but its very different – we don’t have any snakes for instance in New Zealand but they have lots (kinda not in the cities really) in Australia. I think from what I know about the USA and Canada its the same kind of thing we like to play them at sport like Rugby Union and Rugby League and try and beat them (Cricket too but they’re much better than us! Is there anything that you want to know about them? Are there things that you have maybe suggested that you aren’t sure about and are going to check? I see that you didn’t have any famous Australians on the list – do you know of any?
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, Not Australia

    • Thank you for sharing your insights, Mr. Webb’s class!

      As for famous Australians,
      Katherine can name Iggy Azalea. Lucus says the world’s best bowler is Australian, but we can’t recall his name. Preston can name Bear Grylls, a survivalist. Laura knows about the crocodile hunter who died from a stingray spike.

      We will find out more about Australia in the coming weeks!

  5. Hello Mrs. Kriese,
    Our pupils get along well together and we had good cooperation last year so this year I wanted to call your class to see how we did our mini project in regard to 400 years since Shakespeare’s death. We have been read Romeo and Juliet, wrote some esseys, poetical texts, made same presentation, virtual posters, trailers etc. That material will be on the blog during next week, so please call your pupils to watch and comment. We would like to have discussion about Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare, love and in that fashion we would like you to participate in our humble jubilee. http://magijacitanja.weebly.com/home/1613235

    • Thank you for the invitation to participate in your discussion of Shakespeare! We look forward to visiting your blogs tomorrow and leaving our comments.

      We don’t study Shakespeare in our seventh grade class, but we do know a little about Romeo and Juliet, and we know about Puck and some of the other characters in Midsummer Night’s Dream.

      It’s great to be exchanging ideas again!

        • We understand! Our visiting was postponed due to the teacher’s absence, but we have it back on our agenda for today and Monday!

        • We tried leaving comments today, but most of us received error messages: “Error submitting comment. Please try again.”

          • I do not know what it is, when I checked it was all right. Maybe you should try again. Maybe it was a mistake on Weebly. I am so sorry.

          • Dear Mr Kriese,
            thank you for accepting my invitation, lots of your students are commenting our class blog. Can you tell them to leave comments on students’ blogs, there they can find lots of interesting works and projects

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