A Closer Look at A Christmas Carol


Take a look at Charles Dickens’ original manuscript of A Christmas Carol:


Scroll through Dickens’ handwritten manuscript page by page by clicking HERE.

Turn the pages by using the buttons in the upper left corner. Zoom in to more clearly see Dickens’ revisions by using the controls at the bottom of each page.

Notice that even the most talented writers (especially the most talented?) revise their work!

For more background information on Dickens and A Christmas Carol, check out this website.


18 thoughts on “A Closer Look at A Christmas Carol


    It’s truly amazing how historians preserve a masterpiece. There is only a small percentage of people in this world that can do that with such care. A Christmas carol deserves to be handled with love just how the author wrote it. Awesome video.

  2. I can’t imagine how long this preservation process must have taken. Those people must be dedicated to there work, and want to preserve a piece of history.

  3. Hi Mrs. Kriese,

    The video was totally awesome. It is so cool how people thought of ways to carefully save the manuscript for so many years. This book was so big back then. I wonder how careful you have to be with these pages. What if you ripped it? What would happen? As a whole this was a very cool blog post, can’t wait for the many to come.
    Rohan, 3rd period

  4. Hello Mrs. Kriese,
    I think that is amazing how someone could be that precise and careful. I definitely could not do something like that. I wonder what was going through her mind when she was doing that to the book. I am glad she was able to preserve A Christmas Story, for I liked reading it very much.
    Thanks for that cool video and the info,

  5. Wow, this must’ve been some really hard work. Think about all the time they used to go through every single page and not make any mistake, but I guess it payed off. If I was doing the job, I bet I would’ve been fired on the first page. Thank you!

  6. I can’t believe how painstaking the preservation process is! Knowing myself, I would probably destroy the entire manuscript. I think it’s amazing that the pages that Charles Dickens wrote on are still in existence because I don’t think anyone knew how priceless they would become. Incredible!

  7. That is really interesting on how they preserve pages like that! It must take a lot of time to go through all of those pages. I want to try to do that! Although I would probably not do it on a priceless object! I wish I could see this process in person!!! That would be really cool! This was a really good post!

  8. I agree with Alex. This was a very interesting piece of “art”. Think about what would’ve happened if they ripped the pages!

  9. Wow, it’s very interesting and also very impressive how much work is put in to restore this great book. It’s good to know that people are out there who truly care enough about literature to spend this much energy restoring it.

  10. The process was long, brutal and gruesome, but it was well worth the complex process. The people must have been really skilled and careful. I probably would have accidentally ripped the pages and destroy the original copy.

  11. That is so cool that they took the old pages and desilked them so that they wouldn’t fall off of the page.I would not like that job because it would be way to stressful for me and i would probably ruin the paper in the water or rip it while trying to take the silk out of the paper. Did they put it in a museum or just in a storage facility?

  12. This process looks very stressful. I’m surprised the lady’s hands weren’t shaking while doing this. I would have been very nervous. It was very generous of the family to donate the book to the museum, and I’m happy the family didn’t keep it for themselves.

  13. I would hate to have that job. I mean to have the responsibility of something of that value. I mean that would be just to much pressure.
    On a different note I did find it interesting that the soaking didn’t damage the paper at all.

  14. This was a really cool video! I would’ve been so scared if I had this job, I mean what if I ripped the paper by accident? But I think it’s soo cool how they still have the original copy! I usually hate revising things but this shows that EVERYONE has to revise, even talented authors like Dickens.

  15. I really enjoyed watching that video. I have watched a similar documentary about uncovering a painting supposedly made by Leonardo Da Vinci. I didn’t enjoy the book as much as Beowulf because I like mythology books.

  16. This is a very interesting process. I’m glad they were able to preserve the original, since it was such a big deal in England at the time. Phew!

  17. This is so cool! I would be so nervous that I would accidentally rip the paper, or destroy it in some way. With stuff like this there is no way to just get “another copy.” It’s priceless!

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