Pixabay is a great resource for bloggers.  The site offers thousands upon thousands of images that are in the public domain, which means they are free for use (even commercial use) without attribution.

Need a photo to represent a post about your sport, hobby, or talent?
BeFunky_ballet-335496_640 (2).jpgLooking for an image to go with that post about your trip to Disneyland or
cruise through the Caribbean?

be funky vacationWanting the perfect picture for your writing about favorite food, books, or games?

befunkyfood.jpgbefunkybooks.jpgHow about images to help create a mood or set a scene?

befunkymood.jpgOr perhaps the photo can come BEFORE the writing, as a prompt for inspiration:

befunkyprompt.jpgPixabay also offers illustrations, backgrounds, and clipart:

befunkyclipart.jpgAll images are available for download without registration with the site (registration is restricted to age 13 and up). Occasionally, a non-registered user may be asked to type in a Captcha code to continue 🙂

Although Pixabay’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page specifies that attribution is not required, it is always a good idea to indicate your source below the photo or at the bottom of your post.  You wouldn’t want to give the impression that you were the photographer or that you used someone else’s photo without permission.

Pixabay is a great addition to our other resources for images:  MorgueFile and the Compfight Photo Plug-In — and your own photography!

Happy blogging!


Image credits:  All images via Pixabay.com
Images put together with BeFunky.com collage maker