Let’s Visit!

Our blogs are up and active, and it’s time to go visit other bloggers!

Where shall we go?  Here are just some of the places we can travel via blogging:

Auroa, New ZealandMr. Webb’s class

Vancouver Island, Canada:  Mrs. Smith’s Class

near Paris, France:  Mrs. Chabot’s Class

Kragujevac, Serbia:  Mrs. Gordana’s Class

Chulavista, California:  Mrs. LePre’s Class

Columbus, Ohio:  Mrs. Garber’s class

Wenona, Illinois:  Mrs. Koudelka’s class

Reading, Massachusetts:  Coolidge Middle School

Oakland, Maine:  Mrs. Haskell’s class

McGregor, IowaMr. Boylen’s 7th grade classes and 8th grade classes



Introduce yourself, tell whose class you are in, and leave your comment.

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If you are logged in to Edublogs commenting on another Edublogs blog, the link back to your site is automatic.

In Kidblog and other platforms, you may not be asked for your blog URL, but you can provide it in your comment so that the blogger knows where he or she can go to visit YOU!

Some platforms require an email address.  Use your school email address for this!  It will not be published.

11 thoughts on “Let’s Visit!

  1. I love your blog! How did you get your student blogs separated by classes? I’m trying to start one with my 3 classes, but their student blogs fall under one long list.

    • Thank you, Mr. Garth!
      To create the links, I open two windows, each with my blogging dashboard visible. In one window, I view My Class/Student Blogs to select and copy a student’s link. Then, in the second window, I go to Links/Add New and paste that link URL in and type “Annie’s Blog,” etc. as the name. I make sure I click “open in new window” and I also select a LINK CATEGORY for each link I make. Five classes means I make five categories.

      Once all the links are done, I drag five links widgets to my sidebar, with each one to set to show the title I give it (Period 2, Period 3, etc)

      It is time consuming, but worth it to stay organized. 2017-18 is the first year I haven’t done the link organization. Because we are now using Google Classroom, students turn in their posts digitally so I no longer need to organize my class blog sidebar into sections.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hello Mrs. Kriese and Class,

    I am taking a class on how to use blogs in the classroom, and I am using yours as an excellent example that has given me many ideas about what to do with my own students in my classroom next year. I am so impressed by the work that you have done to create such a rich place for learning for your students. I am also so impressed by the satelite blogs that your students have created! I was able to even refer to Ava’s blog as well as the class blog site in my “homework” blog post:

    • Hello Lorilee!

      How cool is it that our blogs are teaching tools for you over in England! We’re so glad you’ve found us, and we’re honored that you’ve cited us in a homework assignment 🙂

      I myself was just in a workshop on digital learning today, and I came away with some great new ideas that I look forward to implementing this fall when school resumes here. Check back often, and let us know what you think of the new learning we’ll be posting here!

      Mrs. Kriese

  3. Fantastic to see that you visited – we’d love to be in contact again this school year. When you are back in the classroom and ready to go please let us know.
    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand

    • Thank you, Mr. Webb! Good to hear from you 🙂 We are preparing our student blogs now and should be ready for visits the first of October. We’ll be in touch very soon!

  4. Thanks for your comments on our class page in New Zealand – I have to ask though, Sloths, are they actually pets or are they just an animal that you students are excited about at the moment?

    • I think it’s just the hot topic these days–wishful thinking on the part of many students! The kids I asked don’t know anyone who actually has a sloth, they just read about sloths as pet and then want one!

      • Ha. I had visions of everyone in Texas with Sloths as pets. Thanks for the clarification.

  5. Hello Mr. Webb’s Class–

    We do have a school carnival that is a fundraiser, but yours sounds quite different. If we were able to bring animals to school, Berkeley says he’d bring his little brother, Blake says he’d bring his 150 lb. dog, Meghana says she’d bring her 63 lb. dog that would run around and lick everybody, and Layna says she’d bring her 8 lb dog who barks a lot. Eleven of the sixteen of us have dogs! (Berkeley’s brother doesn’t count.)

    No lambs or calves, but Erik has goats at his place!

    Y’all have fun on your big day! We look forward to hearing about it.

  6. Thanks for the mention. We have our biggest day of the year here at school tomorrow. We have Lamb and Calf Day. We have over 100 students out of the 200 students bringing their farm animals to school which they have been raising for the past few months. We have hundreds of people from the local community come to school and its a massive fundraiser for our school (our biggest of the year by far). Once we’ve got that out the way we’ll be back in force.

    Do you have anything like that at your school? Do you have an animal day? If you did what sort of animals would students bring? Do you have community fundraisers for your school?
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki, New Zealand

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