#14stubc: Hello from Austin, Texas!


Or should we say “Howdy, y’all!” instead?

Challenge bloggers from #14stubc (the fourteenth Edublogs student challenge) and other visitors, we are glad you have stopped by for a visit. Most of us are new to blogging, but we are excited to get started on our posts and to reach out to new friends across the world.

Have you ever been to Texas? Our city, Austin, is the capital. It’s located in the beautiful hill country in the center of the state. Check out the video to get a sense of the place we are proud to call home:

That’s the Colorado River flowing through our town. Did you notice the bats that fly out from under the Congress Avenue bridge? We’ve been known to have bats in our school from time to time!

In the comments we’ll share more about why we love our city. You can see our Austin posts from earlier challenges here and here.

Note:  We realize there is a misspelling in the video title.  We wish that it was our mistake to fix, but alas, it isn’t, and we can’t!