Spotlight on Fiction and Descriptive Writing from Periods 4 and 6


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Enjoy these stories from Periods 4 and 6…but beware, some will have you shivering with fright!

 “The Woods” by Audrey

“An Amazing Cycle” by Andrew

“Alone” by Hiya

“2072, Chapter 2” by Emma T.

“Gone” by Sarika

“Cold” by Ella C.

“Darkness, Part 4” by Annabelle




Spotlight on Fiction from Periods 2 and 3



Do you enjoy a good story?  Many of our bloggers are working on original fiction.  Pull up a chair and lend an ear to these intriguing tales:

“The Calling” by Kelley

“The Decay Method” by Tae-Kyung

“Morph, Chapter 1:  The Apocalypse” by Hunter

“The Agony” by Annie

“Johnny Stories, Part 1:  The Wagon” by Ryan

“The Visitor, Part 5” by Christopher

“In the Shadows” by London

“What Do You Think You Saw?” by James


Image Credit: Drew Bandy via Compfight