EXpository EXplains


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More students EXpress their thoughts in EXpository posts:

“Why don’t you join me in this awesome place?  See for yourself the beauty of the city that never sleeps.”    
Noelle explains why New York is a great place to visit.

“Netflix is a disease, and there is no cure.”
Kristi explains why Netflix is addicting.

“…we live in Texas, and when temperatures range from 70 to 80 degrees in December, you start to realize a crucial fact that all Texans have learned: Texas winter is awful.”
Ava explains why Texas winters are awful.

“The Bruins will be dangerous come tournament time, and they are a team that everybody should be putting in their Final Four.”
Flynn explains why he’s betting on UCLA to make it to the Final Four.

“Everyone loves to be able to stay awake at night and stay asleep in the morning for some weird reason, so any break from the usual go-to-bed-early-wake-up-early routine is welcome”
Alice explains why she’s looking forward to Spring Break.

“For those of you viewers that know how Adobe Animate works, please give me some hints, because I am hopelessly lost with this program!”
Andrew explains why he finds a certain computer program frustrating.

“Running late to class because you couldnt open your locker? Or maybe it was because you had to grab different supplies, and it took a minute to switch out your stuff. What about hallway traffic and you still have to go by your locker to get your things? Well, fear not, there’s an amazing solution to your problems: a backpack.”
Maddy explains why backpacks should be allowed in the classroom.

Up and Running!


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Why do we blog?

  • To share our knowledge

“Climate Change” by Lucus

“The Discovery of Planet Nine” by Jack

“Never Give Up” by Kristi

  • To express our opinions

“My Lullaby” by Jackson

“Clinton vs. Trump” by Sinan

“Collin Kaepernick and His Protest” by Bobby

“The Ups and Downs of the Cowboys” by Ben N.

  • To relate our experiences

“Home Run” by Ava L.

“My First Soccer Game of the Season” by Preston Z.

“Nervousness” by Ingrid

“Jingles” by Katie M.

“Here Comes the Bride” by Sophie M.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be looking at other blogs to notice more about digital writing: What draws us in as readers?  What keeps us reading?  How is digital writing different from other kinds of writing?

Watch our posts for improvement!  We’re excited about the possibilities.



Spotlight on 7th Period


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Pixabay CC0

When we talk about VOICE in writing, we mean that we can hear the writer’s PERSONALITY come through his or her words.  Our seventh period writers have done a great job developing voice in their compositions, and you’re sure to enjoy those wonderful voices as you read their work:

Aaron shares his thoughts about a certain presidential candidate.

Briana relates a rather scary hoverboard experience.

Caroline has us all hungry for Girl Scout cookies!

Carter takes us hunting over the holidays.

Drew has a new game to tell us about.

Emma tells us about her favorite store.

Kaleb shares what it was like to have his tonsils out.

Kendall reviews a book she enjoyed reading.

Kyrstin remembers a frightening swimming pool incident.

We know that we still have some work to do in editing our writing for correct punctuation, capitalization, and grammar, but hey, we’re making progress!  Watch us this spring as we continue to grow in our ability.

That’s a look at the first half of the alphabet.  We’ll visit the second half of our roster next week!

Spotlight on Fiction and Descriptive Writing from Periods 4 and 6


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Enjoy these stories from Periods 4 and 6…but beware, some will have you shivering with fright!

 “The Woods” by Audrey

“An Amazing Cycle” by Andrew

“Alone” by Hiya

“2072, Chapter 2” by Emma T.

“Gone” by Sarika

“Cold” by Ella C.

“Darkness, Part 4” by Annabelle




Spotlight on Fiction from Periods 2 and 3



Do you enjoy a good story?  Many of our bloggers are working on original fiction.  Pull up a chair and lend an ear to these intriguing tales:

“The Calling” by Kelley

“The Decay Method” by Tae-Kyung

“Morph, Chapter 1:  The Apocalypse” by Hunter

“The Agony” by Annie

“Johnny Stories, Part 1:  The Wagon” by Ryan

“The Visitor, Part 5” by Christopher

“In the Shadows” by London

“What Do You Think You Saw?” by James


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Student Spotlight: Fifth Period Free Topic Posts


For most of this year, students have been enjoying the freedom to blog about any topic they choose in any mode they choose.  Check out this sampling of the wide variety of subjects covered by fifth period students so far:

Jenna celebrates her dog’s first birthday.

Do you love musicals?  Madeleine shares her favorite Broadway hits.

Meghana finds Draco Malfoy to be a sympathetic character.

Surya explains why studying a second language is a good idea.

Want to understand Javascript? Ian does an excellent job of explaining a complex topic.

Lorena enhances her writing with photos, color, and special effects.  Cool!

What’s your favorite season?  William explains why his is winter.

Ananya writes a poem to capture the beauty of a new day.

Blake has some information and questions for you about 4-D printing.

Erik enjoyed an opportunity to meet a favorite author.

The misery of flu season is expressed in this post by Layna.

Madeline takes you into the Phantom’s lair…and into his mind.

You’ll appreciate these amusing tips from Varun on how to avoid telemarketers!

Milan describes his dread of state testing.

Pranu shares her thoughts about an unsettling documentary she recently watched.

Shreyaa describes the complexities and joys of one of her hobbies:  Bharathanatyam dance.

You’ll want to visit Hawaii after reading what Tiffany has to say about it!

Student choice is an important factor in writing instruction.  Students who have something to say will work to say it well, and maybe even have some fun in the process!

Spotlight on Third Period


Found Blur Motion
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Students have a choice of what to write about each week.  Enjoy this collection of posts from third period:

Avery writes about her love of Christmas.

The possibilities of time travel are explored by David S.

Eli shares his thoughts about schoolwork and his study habits.

Jonny writes about the fun of fishing.

Jack wrote a poem about hockey.

Are you a hunter? Kirk tells about getting his “first bow deer.”

Thomas writes about a day spent at home, too sick for school.


Spotlight on Second Period


Wonderful work this week from our bloggers!  It’s great to see the effort students are putting in to improving their composition skills while at the same time sharing their thinking with their readers.

Enjoy these posts from second period, and we hope you will join in the discussions by leaving your comments!

Jason shares a podcast on the topic of bliss and one man’s search for his own.

Emily and Annakate are looking forward to Halloween.

Jillian and Ananya have recommendations for our reading and movie watching.

Sadie writes about her fun experience at IFly, while Meg writes about a not-so-fun experience at camp.

Ethan expresses gratitude for his piano teacher.

Grace and Veronica write about favorite places.

Caroline teaches us more about the recent solar eclipse, and David informs us about upcoming game releases.

We’ll be back after the 31st with more posts! Happy Halloween!

Challenge Posts: Favorite Places in Austin


Students in Periods 2 and 3 have responded to the blog challenge of posting about a favorite place.  The following writers not only have great ideas to share, but they do so in blog posts that are well-organized, with introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions.  Well done!

Karsten insists he’s found the best burger joint in Austin, but Nina disagrees.  Not in the mood for a hamburger?  Nick recommends a great Italian place.

Where do you like to shop in Austin?  Bryce has a favorite sports store.

Summers in Austin are hot!  Where to go to beat the heat?  Clara recommends Barton Springs, famous for its natural beauty and cold, cold water.

And then are the places we just love because they are our personal havens:  Jered and Madiha write about their own backyards, Eric about time spent in virtual reality, Lauren about her favorite golf course.


Barton Springs Pool. Digital image. City of Austin, n.d. Web. 23 Mar. 2014.