Learning About Serbia, Part 2


Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

Well, we’ve done some research, and we’ve discovered some interesting facts!

Serbia is in Europe! (the southeast part)

The Serbian currency is based on a unit called the dinar.

Like us, Serbs drive on the right side of the road.

Serbia is led by a prime minister.

Serbia gets snow in the winter, and there are many popular ski resorts there.

When it’s 4:00 PM here, it’s 11:00 PM there–seven hours ahead of Texas.

The total population of the country is smaller than that of New York City.  This was a surprise!

Serbia is the largest exporter of raspberries–how cool is that?!

“Vampire” is a Serbian word that is spoken all over the world.

We also watched this travel video about Serbia.  It’s such a beautiful place!


Learning About Serbia


What do we think we know about Serbia?  Here are some of the student responses we got when we asked that question today:

“It’s in the Middle East.”
“It’s in Africa.”
“It’s in Europe.”
“It’s in Russia.”
“Serbia is near the Balkan Peninsula and Ottoman Empire.”
“Serbia is mostly desert.”

(Obviously we need to work on our geography!   Even the map included in our blog post didn’t help some of us.)

“People in Serbia don’t speak English.”
“The government is democratic.”
‘The government is communist.”

(Hmmm…some investigation needed here.)

“Serbia used to be part of Soviet Union, but it fought for its independence.”
‘Serbia played a role in the beginning of World War I with the assassination of an archduke.”
“The primary religion in Serbia is orthodox Christianity.”

We’ll do some exploring and be back tomorrow with a post about what we learn about this country and our new friends there!




Visitors from Southeast Europe



How cool is it to have visitors from other parts of the world?

This week, several students will see comments have been left on their blogs from students in Mrs. Milacic’s class in Kragujevac, Serbia. We’ll spend some class time this week learning more about that country.  What do we want to know about Serbia?

Meanwhile, check out this photo of Belgrade, the capital city there:

Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

Would you like to read and comment on the blogs of Marija, Andrea, Vlada, Milica, Tamara, Janko, Tamara, Stasa, Tijana, Jana, Bogdan, Luka, Dimitrije, and Djole?  You’ll find those links on the sidebar of their class blog…but first you’ll want to use the Google translate widget on the class blog’s home page to translate their work into English!  Check out the students’ “About Me” pages and find someone who has interests similar to yours!

Image Credit, Map: By Dgaulle (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons