Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Askaban

Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Askaban

By J.K Rowling

The setting is Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. Hogwarts is a school with teachings of magic and also games of quidditch, Quidditch is a game with a metal ball that you half to get in to 1 of 3 hoops. Meanwhile their are a seeker on each team who tries the whole game to find the snitch  a gold looking ball with wings. If the seeker catches the snitch the team wins the game.

The plot is about a ghost named Black Sirius who killed 13 people with a single curse,  he was at the prison of Askaban but then he escaped. They also figured out who he is with a dark lord, Voldemort. Harry Potter isn’t safe with black on the loose even in hogwarts, and its up to him to figure out what he has to do to keep hogwarts safe…

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