Advice For 7th graders

Greyson and I have came up with some things to consider for your upcoming 7th grade year.

First of all, if you are taking athletics, always bring your uniform. Coach Graeber will make you do push ups. All of the coaches look for anyone who is not in uniform. It is best if you just bring your uniform every day. Do not take Latin! It is way too stressful and is not useful in anyway. Take Spanish. It has more uses where you live. It may be hard, but in the long run it is worth it. Rig your locker. It may be “against the rules” but it saves time. Always do your homework in wildcat time. It may sound terrible, but I do it in wildcat time and I never have homework at home. EVER. Stay out of classes that don’t seem great. You will have to stick with it the whole year.

Here are something that we have told you to keep away from. Good Luck…

Shiba Inu

From the most playful dog to the cutest thing ever, I think the Shiba Inu is the perfect dog.


The Shiba Inu is one of the oldest dog breeds ever. With the Shiba Inu’s agility and stamina they used to breed the dog for hunting birds, pigs and even bears! But the Shiba isn’t just used for hunting obviously, the Shiba Inu is also used for sleding and just a house pet. Most owners of the Shiba Inu say that the dog has a lot of energy, a good watch dog, a drama queen and a dog that acts like a cat.


 Cool facts about the Shiba Inu

  1. They nearly went extinct in world war 2.
  2. There name means Brushwood dog.20160428-143852.jpg
  3. They are one of the most loyal dogs.
  4. They don’t need frequent baths.



Paranoid Pirhana Poem

Out for Blood Christina VanMeter via Compfight

I’m Pedro the Paranoid piranha
And I don’t think that I’ll see maniana
‘Cos some of me mates
Want me on a plate
Washed down with a Pina Collada

By: Tyler P


I like this poem because it is funny and I like the way it rhymes. My favorite line is And I don’t think that I’ll see maniana because it was well wrote and humors.

The best places to go in Austin

Weather you are a music lover a adventurer or just looking for something fun to do, Austin sounds likes the place for you. Austin is one of the most interesting places in Texas, and they’re are lots of things to do.




Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits is one most popular things to do in Austin. ACL has all of the new popular singers and hosts around 100 artists a year.



Barton Springs




Barton Springs

The cold water, swimming and a diving board there is just nothing too not love at barton springs. Barton springs is one of the most packed places during the summer, but it’s probably one of the funnest things to do.



No Sharks Here.




 Paddle Boarding

With the breeze in your face and the water below you, stand up paddle boarding is one of the best ways to explore Austin’s lakes. And paddle boarding is really easy to pick up all you need is a paddle and a board.






Neil Moralee via Compfight











My dog Willow

Our family got a new dog two summers ago.  She’s a Cavashon and her name is Willow.  She is small and about the size of a two soccer balls.  She weighs 11 pounds and is white with light brown spots.  I really like her.  Willow wakes me up almost every morning by jumping on my bed.  She then runs and gets my brother.  Every day when I get home from school, I walk her around the block.  It’s not really far, but she really likes getting out after I’ve been at school.  My brother walks her in the morning.

On the weekends she likes to jump in our laps if we are watching football on TV.  She’s a sucker for a good head scratch.  When we give her a bath, she runs around the house like a crazy dog.  Sometimes we use a blow dryer to get her dry after a bath.  She also likes to chase me around the house and try to bite my shirt and pants.  She goes crazy when the door bell rings or someone knocks on the door.  She wants to be a good guard dog, but she’s too small.  At night we can hear coyotes and she barks back at them, it drives my dad crazy.

We really love our dog, Willow.

What I would do if I got stuck in a elevator.

Ding! The elevator opens, and I get into the elevator to go up to my hotel room. I press level 6 and then the elevator closes. Just a couple seconds in, the elevator makes a big thunk! Then suddenly it stops, and now your’re stuck. What would you do if you got stuck in a elevator?

Being stuck in a elevator has always been a huge fear of mine. There is a story where someone got trapped in a elevator for for 41 hours! If I ever got stuck I would get really claustrophobic and feel sick. Even though there are emergency buttons,what if they didn’t work and you where trapped there until finally someone figured out. Also there are multiple story’s where a elevator gets high up then gets stuck, and then plunges down to the bottom floor. I would hate being stuck in a elevator, but I probably just jinxed it by writing  this blog post.



Here is the video where a man gets stuck in a elevator for 41 hours!


Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant is one of my favorite players, so I will be writing about him today. Dez Bryant is a great wide receiver on the Dallas Cowboys football team. He is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, and weighs 218 lbs and is 6’2 feet tall. To be a good wide receiver, you have to be quick and be able to catch the ball, so Dez is perfect for wide receiver.

Dez started playing football when he was younger. And when he got to high school, he played for Lufkin High School, kinda a funny name. When high school was over he played for Oklahama state University. At Oklahoma, he earned a All American football honor award and then was drafted by the Cowboys in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Once he got on the Cowboys football team he was one of there star players! He is #88 and this is going to be his 6th season. Earlier in the season Dez broke his foot, and has luckily recovered from it. A weird fact about Dez Bryant is he says the NFL is easier that collage. Dez appeared on an episode of Inside the Huddle saying, “I really think the pros are much easier. The reason I say that is because in college I didn’t see too much man, too much 1-on-1. I always got double-teamed and a lot of zone coverages. I hope the Cowboys do good this season!”  So it’s interesting that one of the best NFL players found that college football was more difficult than the pros.

Cam Newton & Panthers

Cam Newton is a football player that I started following because my brother met him while he was reporting for the newspaper in Charlotte, NC. I thought it was cool that my brother met someone famous.

Cam Newton plays for the Carolina Panthers. He plays quarterback and is one of the best. Cam Newton weighs 245 lbs and is 6’5 feet tall. Cam went to Westlake high school in Atlanta Georgia. Woah, I can’t believe there is another Westlake! After high school, he played college football at Auburn where he won the Heisman trophy. Then he was drafted as the first overall pick by the Panthers in the 2011 NFL Draft!

In Cam’s rookie year in the NFL, he broke numerous rookie and all-time NFL records for passing and rushing yards. Cam became the first rookie quarterback to throw for 400 yards in his first game. This year, the Panthers are undefeated. Their record is 8 wins 0 losses. I love watching the Panthers play ever since I was introduced to them last year.


~Panthers rank number 1 in NFL in rushing yards per game.

~Since 2011, Cam Newton has 38 rushing touchdowns, which is 2nd-most in the NFL behind only Marshawn.

~Cam Newton is 1st QB in NFL history to start career with 4 consecutive seasons of 3,000 pass yards, 500 rush yards.

~Cam Newton has 29 games with both a passing and rushing touchdown, the second-most in NFL history behind Pro Football Hall of Famer Steve Young’s.

I got my facts from

The Dallas Cowboys & JJ Watt

Tony Romo fractured his collarbone during the Cowboy’s V.S Philadelphia game in week two. Romo is not going have surgery to help heal his injury and he might not be able to play till after thanksgiving. While Romo is out Braden Weeden will be starting quarterback. Since Romo has left for his injury we have lost every game, We’re doomed!

JJ Watt is a Houston Texans football player. He plays defense end weighs 290 lbs and is 6’5. 2 years ago in 2013, Watt had 65 solo tackles, 15 assisted tackles, seven passes he defensed, 10 sacks, four fumbles and two fumble recoveries. Sadly the season there season ended with a record of 2-14 not very good.

The High Plains of Texas

The high plains are beautiful, and a great place to live. It is a good location to live in because it has just the right climate and it’s not terribly hot in the summer. But during the winter It actually snows and its cold. It doesn’t snow enough for your roof to collapse…most of the time.

In Austin Texas (where we live) the area we live in is called the central plains or hill country. Austin’s weather is mostly hot during the summers and not very cold during the winters. We are close to the high plains though. Some people say we are in the high plains but most people say that we are in the central plains or hill country.

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