the Game

Super Bowl 51 the most watched game by Americans and definitely the best. The mood, the magic, and the aggression: but my favorite part is rooting for a Team.

Rooting for a team is always the best because.

Rooting for a team gives you a fealling that you are involved in the game and there is a point.

Rooting for a team let’s you cheer and shout and let it all out.

Rooting for a team makes the game fun to watch because you can make your fellow fans that are cheering with you, and yell with you, and TOUCHDOWN with you!!!!!

Rooting for your favorite team is also special because you can change the mood in the game.

Rooting for a team can give you a feeling like no other that makes it seem that every one around you that is wearing the same color jersey is your best friend.

So the next time you say that football is boring just put on a jersey and yell at the top of your lungs, and make it so that every one on the opposing team scream and their heads pop out. So good luck being a fan and happy making people annoyed.




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