Did Barney get arrested¿

Now there has been a LOT of controversy on (did Barney actually got to jail). Many people just think that it is a rumor or just a joke that Kindergarteners made up, but Barney the big purple dinosaur actually did go to jail these four times.

One time Barney punched his producer– now I don’t know why he did that– of his show!! Now that is crazy, and that was the first Barney ever to be on the show. One time he swore on LIVE tv. That doesn’t mean that it was during a episode where they can just cut it out, it was on LIVE TV. And the show Barney got cancled after that mistake. One time he was snorting cocaine in his suit. And last but definitely not least he smuggled drugs into the studio and gave them out to the children on the show.

I know everyone loves Barney but after I have all of this wisdom about Barney’s life, I am not very much a fan of his anymore. If you thought that this post was interesting please leave a comment, and just remember kids. “NEVER TRUST BARNEY”!!!!!!!

After reading carefully I realized these were just rumors, remember don’t trust everything that you read on the internet.

2 thoughts on “Did Barney get arrested¿

  1. I never knew Barney did so many bad things ! Why would the actor dos of many bad things ? I think my childhood is ruined by this post . But this is still a great post.

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