The Funeral

The slowly falling droopy rain, made the day all the worse. The polished wood of the coffin gave way to the rain. The gray pettels drooped low and so did everyone in the slowly shifting crowd. As the priest said his final words the coffin was slowly lowered into the dark hole where it will stay for eternity.

All of my friends, family, even random people I had never seen before mornes as they gave their blessings. As everyone else began to leave I waited staring at the ground were freshly put dirt was patted down. I began to speak in a whisper but slowly getting louder “logch-garduhg-marcgh, chanting it over and over again until the ground began to tremble. A lone hand stuck out of the soft dirt reaching for the gray sky, He has awoken. Then a red figure completely tore itself out of the ground speaking in the same dialect as I had just spoken in. Logch-garduhg-marcgh, and hundreds of other lifeless body’s began moving around the huge 7′ red body, and then I woke up.

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