Summer Time

The feeling of waking up at 7 in the morning and not having to go to school, but to just to go back to sleep, that is the feeling of SUMMERTIME.I know that we still have a little longer but almost everyone cannot wait for this historic event to begin.

But when it comes I am going to stay up late and wake up early, party hard and have some fun, maybe even go to Florida for a quick trip to the beach. Our family is thinking about renting a boat and having some fun on the lake then later go paddle boarding which will be so much fun. Then after that our friends are probably going to meet up and hang out at one of our houses.

Then in august right before school starts I am going to Mozambique Africa for a hunting trip with my grandparents. I am going hunting for a big old Cape buffalo. I am going hunting with a very famous PH (professional hunter), and I will be shooting with a .375 caliber rifle which has a massive kick on it. The only thing is that right after my hunting trip school will begin again leaving me with only about 3 days until school starts.


The Funeral

The slowly falling droopy rain, made the day all the worse. The polished wood of the coffin gave way to the rain. The gray pettels drooped low and so did everyone in the slowly shifting crowd. As the priest said his final words the coffin was slowly lowered into the dark hole where it will stay for eternity.

All of my friends, family, even random people I had never seen before mornes as they gave their blessings. As everyone else began to leave I waited staring at the ground were freshly put dirt was patted down. I began to speak in a whisper but slowly getting louder “logch-garduhg-marcgh, chanting it over and over again until the ground began to tremble. A lone hand stuck out of the soft dirt reaching for the gray sky, He has awoken. Then a red figure completely tore itself out of the ground speaking in the same dialect as I had just spoken in. Logch-garduhg-marcgh, and hundreds of other lifeless body’s began moving around the huge 7′ red body, and then I woke up.

Spring Break

Spring Break is only 11 days away, 11 days and you could be on the beach getting a nice summer body, or you could be in a deer blind ready to shoot that perfect exotic, but my spring break won’t be that exciting

I have to go with my family to go visit colleges for my older brother. Maybe I will be able to stay with a friend and completely veggie it out all 9 days, maybe go see a movie and do what ever we want all week long. Or I could be in a hot smelly car going around some college campus that I probably will never go to. I could be relaxing playing video games with a bowl of ice cream in my lap, or I could be following a tour guide talking about how Sam Houston went to this very college blah blah blah.Maybe I could be ding dong ditching some old guys house having a great time, or I could be talking to a college professor about college. I could be at Chick-Fil-A  getting my favorite a spicy chicken sandwich.

Whatever you are going to be doing over this awesome 9 day weekend/break I hope it is more interesting than what I will probably be doing.



Did Barney get arrested¿

Now there has been a LOT of controversy on (did Barney actually got to jail). Many people just think that it is a rumor or just a joke that Kindergarteners made up, but Barney the big purple dinosaur actually did go to jail these four times.

One time Barney punched his producer– now I don’t know why he did that– of his show!! Now that is crazy, and that was the first Barney ever to be on the show. One time he swore on LIVE tv. That doesn’t mean that it was during a episode where they can just cut it out, it was on LIVE TV. And the show Barney got cancled after that mistake. One time he was snorting cocaine in his suit. And last but definitely not least he smuggled drugs into the studio and gave them out to the children on the show.

I know everyone loves Barney but after I have all of this wisdom about Barney’s life, I am not very much a fan of his anymore. If you thought that this post was interesting please leave a comment, and just remember kids. “NEVER TRUST BARNEY”!!!!!!!

After reading carefully I realized these were just rumors, remember don’t trust everything that you read on the internet.

the Game

Super Bowl 51 the most watched game by Americans and definitely the best. The mood, the magic, and the aggression: but my favorite part is rooting for a Team.

Rooting for a team is always the best because.

Rooting for a team gives you a fealling that you are involved in the game and there is a point.

Rooting for a team let’s you cheer and shout and let it all out.

Rooting for a team makes the game fun to watch because you can make your fellow fans that are cheering with you, and yell with you, and TOUCHDOWN with you!!!!!

Rooting for your favorite team is also special because you can change the mood in the game.

Rooting for a team can give you a feeling like no other that makes it seem that every one around you that is wearing the same color jersey is your best friend.

So the next time you say that football is boring just put on a jersey and yell at the top of your lungs, and make it so that every one on the opposing team scream and their heads pop out. So good luck being a fan and happy making people annoyed.




Super Bowl

I can’t wait for Super Bowl 51 it is going to be great because it is the under dog VS. the band wagons team.

Lots of people in the comments will get mad at me for saying this but I do like the Patriots, but I want to see the Falcons win their first Super Bowl. And even though I like the Patriots I want to see the Falcons kick their butt. I also want to see the Falcons win something for once.

Some people will disagree with me for that but I stand strong with my opinion.

May the Best Team win!!!!!!


Spring break

I know that we just got out of Christmas break but I am already excited for spring break to come.

I can’t wait for spring break for these reasons.

  • Spring break is 9 days of no school and relaxing.
  • Some of my friends are getting braces and I am excited to see what they will look like.
  • I can do whatever I want for 9 days straight as long as it is legal.
  • I can drink as much chocolate milk as I want, or until I can’t drink anymore because I am a diabetic.

But all my begging isn’t going to make the wait anymore shorter so I might as well end here.



I Made It...and What a Freaking Amazing View It Was! Mark Stevens via Compfight




This Christmas is going to be really fun only after school.

I cannot wait for Christmas break so that we can leave school for two weeks, but I hate to break it to you that we have about nintey-three semester exams next week. And I am not sure if I am going to do well on those semester exams. This Christmas we are going to stay home and relax, which I am excited for. We might go to houston to visit our grandparents and do some fun stuff in Houston like, looking at the Christmas decorations and light in their neighborhood.

I hope you all have a merry Christmas.

Christmas Morning 2015 (4) Tom via 


As I walked up to the green, yellow and blue house I could hear the festive music pounding on the speakers. I could smell the sweet smell of the queso rising up from the colorful house. The shadows in the curtains danced by as if it was a dream. My friends stayed up on the curb of the road, waiting and waiting for me to ring the door bell.

I thought, “This isn’t as bad as my friends said it would be”.As I rang that doorbell the lights turned off and that sweet smell turned into a bitter smell of DEATH.

inspired by: Harlan Coben in The Shelter


Did you know that this Monday is one of the biggest nights of the year, it’s Halloween but do YOU have a plan of how you are going to get a ton of candy in just a couple of hours.

If you are going to make a plan the first thing you have to do will be to think of the adults inside of their house and try to trick them into giving you more than the usual amount of a candy.