Spring Break

Spring Break is only 11 days away, 11 days and you could be on the beach getting a nice summer body, or you could be in a deer blind ready to shoot that perfect exotic, but my spring break won’t be that exciting

I have to go with my family to go visit colleges for my older brother. Maybe I will be able to stay with a friend and completely veggie it out all 9 days, maybe go see a movie and do what ever we want all week long. Or I could be in a hot smelly car going around some college campus that I probably will never go to. I could be relaxing playing video games with a bowl of ice cream in my lap, or I could be following a tour guide talking about how Sam Houston went to this very college blah blah blah.Maybe I could be ding dong ditching some old guys house having a great time, or I could be talking to a college professor about college. I could be at Chick-Fil-A  getting my favorite a spicy chicken sandwich.

Whatever you are going to be doing over this awesome 9 day weekend/break I hope it is more interesting than what I will probably be doing.