My Trip to Houston

This spring break, my family plus my grandparents and I went to Houston. We all piled into a SUV and made the long drove there. The car ride was soooooo boring! Three hours in a car, with a sister you constantly fight with, plus motion sickness, with no music? It was TORTURE! Along the way, I found out we had relatives in Houston. They owned a donut shop which we gladly took advantage of and received many free donuts and kolaches. I don’t know how they are related to me specifically, but it is through my grandfather’s side of the family.  For ease, I refer to them as my cousin, my cousin’s wife, and their son, Brady. Brady is a shy, yet very energetic boy. He, Chloe, and I played tag with him in his parents’ donut shop. We also had races and chased him around. He’s pretty fast and knows it. On the first day we had dinner with Brady and his family. We all went to a Chinese restaurant and had a huge feast that included Peking duck.

I think my favorite part of the trip was going to the Johnson Space Center. It was a new experience. I’ve been all over Asia and have seen a lot of wildlife, music, culture, cuisine, and art so going to something like an aquarium, a zoo, or a beach isn’t very exciting. When I was at the Space Center, I saw a huge rocket, models of things in space, a show about the everyday life of an astronaut, and read bout the astronauts who landed on the moon. I had a lot of fun, but sadly didn’t get to see everything there. I hope I go again.


Apart from the Space Center, my family and I went to the Houston Zoo. I got to see lions, panthers, other cats, my monkey cousins from all over the world, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, and all the other animals you would see in a zoo. I’ve been to a lot of zoos but this one was really nice. It was clean, had nice habitats for the animals, and had displays telling where the animal lives, its name, and how threatened it was. My favorite animal was probably the siamang monkey. It wasn’t that the siamang monkey was better than the other animals but when I was watching, a kid threw a chip at the monkey and the siamang caught it and ate it. Then it asked for more by reaching its hand through the fence of its enclosure. Another monkey I liked was the De Brazzas monkey. It has a white beard which led to me calling it the “wise man monkey” and my sister calling it the “bearded monkey.” I tried to get one of them to stroke their beard by pretending to do it myself. It didn’t work.

(Pic collage of photos taken by myself and my parents)

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