Pacific Rim Uprising

This March, I, like many people, went to watch Pacific Rim Uprising. Pacific Rim Uprising is the sequel to Pacific Rim, a movie where the United Nations decided to build giant robots to fight monsters that came from the Anteverse and were created by dangerous beings who wanted to take over the earth. The war lasted from 2014 – 2035. In the end, humans prevailed and lived ten years in peace. Then, a brainwashed scientist brings back the Kaiju by using robots that were going to help the Pan Pacific defense Corps. He hacks them using tech and Kaiju parts and manages to bring 3 Kaiju along. The Pacific Rim defense Corps’ robots are mostly destroyed due to an attack by the scientist and all hope seems lost. That’s until another scientist’s idea, the determination of the Pacific Rim personel, and the urgency of the situation allow them to rebuild 4 jaegers and meet the 3 Kaiju in a final battle in Japan.

My favorite scenes were the final fight, the Jaeger meteriod, and watching scrapper run from November Ajax (big blue robot from beginning). The final fight was awesome with all the Jaegers showing off their weapons and skills by almost taking down the super Kaiju. It’s kind of sad that one guy died after being thrown through several buildings, a Jaeger got ripped in half, and the other had it’s limbs ripped off. Watching the Jaeger meteriod was awesome because it’s a bleeping robot flying down super fast, arms extended, with a purpose that is skewering a giant monster. Imagine if the monster’s kinetic shield absorbed the impact, that would’ve been funny but sad because they’d probably have to nuke the place. It’s comical just watching scrapper running from the colossal giant that is November Ajax. It’s like a toddler running from it’s parents or babysitter. They’re running, they’re running, and they’re being stopped by a huge foot.

I really wish they hadn’t killed Titan Redeemer (the other robot with a wreaking ball as a hand). I really would have liked to see it help in the battle between the super Kaiju and the 4 main jaegers. With it’s knuckle rockets, wreaking ball, and guns. It would’ve been cool to see it and Bracer Phoenix slamming the Kaiju with their wreaking balls at the same time from each side. All you would hear would be a roar of pain and a squelching noise. Speaking of the super Kaiju battle, why did they go one at a time? Have they seen any action movies before? You always fight at the same time! Just surround the dang thing and kick it’s butt. It’s not that hard when you have 4 incredibly advanced colossal robots with guns, missiles, and other weapons the sizes of busses! But NOOOO, they just had to go one at a time and get their butts kicked.

My favorite robots were probably Gipsy Avenger (right picture) and Bracer Phoenix (left robot). They both had awesome designs, their weapons were O.P, and were in some of my favorite scenes. Gipsy Avenger had the energy blades, the gravity sling/energy blaster, the elbow rocket, and I’m pretty sure it had rockets, cause, what robot doesn’t have rockets? Bracer Phoenix had machine guns in it’s torso, a HUGE wreaking ball (with spikes, there just needs to be spikes), and rockets.


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