Why “Just Cause 3” is a Great Game


(Just Cause 3 picture by Playstation)            (Just Cause 3 by crohasit.com)

Just Cause 3 is about a civil war between the rebels and the dictator of Medici.  Medici is a fictional Mediterranean island that Just Cause 3 is set in and the main character, Rico Rodriguez’s home. In the campaign, you liberate towns, destroy vehicles, and defeat mini bosses until you fight the dictator himself.

One of the things I enjoy about Just Cause 3 is that it is an open world game, meaning you can roam the islands, towns, and everywhere else without having to complete objectives. I also like how many vehicles you can find just roaming the islands. Some of the vehicles that can be found are attack helicopters, military vehicles, a F1 racing car, two other sports cars, jets, tanks, etc.

Some of my favorite things to do are raiding military citadels, hijacking cars, planes, tanks, and helicopters, and wing suit flying from high places.

Military citadels are the hardest places to raid because of the extra defenses that protect the base. There are Bavarium nukes, air strikes, and EMP cannons to name a few. When you raid citadels, the only way to cut off or shut down the extra defenses is to control the entire region or province. I found that out when I got nuked on my own base and died which put me on a loading page with text that explained what I had to do to shut off the nukes. It is kind of frustrating because it takes a lot of hard work to take down citadels. The most challenging citadel to cease is Falco Maxime: Centcom because often times I would die as soon as I was within range of the bavarium nukes. It took me over fifty attempts to take the citadel down and just when I thought I was safe, I got nuked exploring the base. Every time you raid a citadel, you are given either a weapon or military vehicle for your drop list. That’s one of my biggest reasons for raiding citadels.

Hijacking cars is easy, planes are hard to find and if they’re airborne it’s hard to hijack them, tanks are easy to hijack unless the person riding the tank has backup because they don’t hesitate to fire on each other, and helicopters are relatively easy to hijack. I usually choose to hijack a helicopter to get to places then a tank to destroy those places.

Wing suit flying is super fun. If you don’t have a vehicle, flying is the fastest way to get around. It’s also the best way to evade bullets. If you’re not freeing a town or evading the military, flying around and sight seeing is something to do. Just Cause 3 is very realistic and has beautiful landscapes.

I don’t hate anything about this game other than how difficult it is to take down military bases or citadels. Just Cause 3 is fun to play, it’s very realistic, has wonderful graphics, and it’s an open world game.

Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition

This Christmas I got a Nintendo Super NES Classic. My mom told me that the console was highly sought after because of the nostalgia it brought to many gamers. Also, for the price point of $80 MSRP (often sold much higher), it was considered a great value with two remote controls and twenty-one pre-loaded retro games from the 90’s.  Some of the classic games are Super Mario World, Kirby, Zelda, and Super Mario Kart.

I wasn’t sure if I would like these older games. I initially thought it would be better if I just got another Xbox One game since I am more likely to play that.  However, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed playing it with my sister.

It was pretty intuitive for me.  Video game controllers haven’t changed that much except that the new ones are wireless.  The games like Super Mario World have evolved in graphics and content, but the end game is still the same – defeat Bowser and save the Princess.  I have played several Mario games on both the Wii and Nintendo DS.  I also liked that it was fun without being over challenging.   Whereas, the games nowadays gives you the setting options of easy, medium, and hard.

I haven’t played all the games yet, but so far my favorite games are Super Mario World and Kirby Super Star. I like Super Mario World because of the pixel design and the feeling of playing an old game. Some of the reasons I like Kirby Super Star is because it’s fun to play, I can spawn a helper, it can be a two-player game, and it’s easy enough to enjoy rather than getting frustrated by repeatedly dying. It also reminds me of when I lived in Washington state because I used to play Kirby Super Star on my old Nintendo DS.

Nintendo released another console before the Super NES Classic. The first console, the SNES Classic, was released in limited supply back in 2016 for a short period of time. Nintendo hadn’t anticipated the high demand for the old 8-bit games so they didn’t make enough, which made it hard to find. Due to this, they made the Super NES Classic to keep up the demand and are also putting the SNES Classic back into production in 2018. The Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition was released on September 29, 2017.

Even though I liked the Super NES Classic, I still find new games more appealing than the classics.  There have been great and vast improvements in video games. The graphics, sound effects, design, and settings are so much better today. Today graphics are way more impressive and realistic, players can battle each other using the internet, and game designs are much more aesthetically appealing.




Reaper, Soldier 76 and Genji - Overwatch (2)

(Picture of the Overwatch characters Reaper, Soldier 76, and Genji.) 

Overwatch is a widely known, very competitive video game released on May 24, 2016 by the game company, Blizzard. Overwatch is a multiplayer first person shooter game centered around capturing, delivering, and controlling certain spots and payloads. In the story, Overwatch is an organization dedicated to protecting the world from evil people. There are 25 characters, 30 different maps, and many things to customize your characters. About every month or two, Blizzard adds an event and/or map to Overwatch. Every three to five months, they add a new character. So far, they have added four characters since it was released. They also incorporate mini games within Overwatch.

I enjoy playing Overwatch because I know I’m playing against an actual person or team, unless I choose to fight characters within the program (referred to as “AI’s”).   Blizzard is constantly adding new material, the graphics are excellent, it has well designed maps, and it’s fun to play. You can also connect and play with your friends and coordinate attacks with your team.

Sadly, Overwatch does not have a story mode, therefore it does not have an ending.  Animated shorts are shown on YouTube and comic books are published to give you background information about the Overwatch members and Talon (an organization that wants to rule the world).

Overwatch doesn’t contain totally unique content because it is very similar to the Paladins and Team Fortress 2 video games. Team Fortress 2 introduced the payload game mode that Overwatch uses while Paladins has very similar characters as Overwatch. One of the reasons I like Overwatch more than Paladins and Team Fortress 2 is because Overwatch can be downloaded on a computer or console (XBox or Play Station) while Paladins and Team Fortress 2 can only be downloaded on the computer.

When playing Overwatch, each player selects his or her favorite character to represent in the game.  The selected character is referred to as your “main” while you still have the ability to play as other characters.  My main is the Japanese bow master Hanzo.  I’m able to get a few headshots and kills per game.  My success varies each time I play the game.  Some days I’m very successful playing Hanzo.  Other times I am more successful with other characters.

Thank you for reading my post!

 W1N9Zr0 via Compfight