September 2014 archive

How to make sushi!!!

Last year I learned how to make sushi. It is actually fairly easy. That day I made dinner for the family.  It was really fun! The reason I made sushi is partly because I am half Japanese, and because I like to eat sushi. I am now reminded of my Japanese heritage!

Here was the picture of me making sushi.


I’m looking forward to…

I’m looking forward to going to Hawaii for Christmas! I had a great time there last year. I enjoy the cool weather, the beach, boogie boarding, the food, etc. The outside is thankfully not as hot as it is over here. I remember the soft sand tickle my feet as I run across. The little crabs digging tiny holes for them to live in. The swish swash of the waves overlapping each other. The smell of salty air from the ocean. I remember it all.