October 2014 archive

My Childhood Memory

When I was little, our family would go to Taiwan every summer. We went there because my mom’s family lives there. I’m half Taiwanese. We had great times and also bad times.

The fun parts were eating the food, going to night markets, and getting to relax from school. Night markets is an area of shops, resturaunts, convenience stores, markets, etc. where you go there at night. We usually went there every night. I also liked going on the underground subways. Too bad we don’t have any of those here.

One time my aunt took my sister and me to learn Chinese. But she got mixed up with the English so we were in the English class. It was so awkward. We were learning the alphabet again!

The main problem was the heat. In Taiwan the heat and humidity is unbearable. It made us all in a bad mood whenever got got into a burning hot cat that was sitting in the parking lot for 2 hours. I remember we would go into a convenience store just for the AC. My aunt would send me to an art school and I did not like it very much. It was so boring there. They were learning about stuff I already learned. After class she would bring us dumplings that was really good!

Over all, my childhood memories were filled with happy and sad moments.

My Summer in 2014

Last summer I went to Disney World with my school orchestra. Every other year the top orchestra can go to Disney World.

It was really fun this year. We traveled to Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and last but not least Animal Kingdom. I had an amazing experience there. I got to see the big Cinderella Castle, the food was pretty good too and we got to eat a lot of ice cream, and the rides were really exciting. I remembered on one of the rides we had to wait 3 hours! But it was worth it.

We also got to go to Universal Studios. It was so big that my friends and I kept getting lost. It turned out we were walking in circles! My favorite rides on this trip were The Hulk (from Universal Studios), Space Mountain, Mount Everest, and much more! We preformed in Disney Downtown where we saw many people come and watch.

On the last day we got to watch the firework show and the nighttime parade. That night was very memorable. There was so many people that my friends had to piggy back me so I could see. Time passed by so fast in such a short period. As you can see I had a lot of fun last summer.

All Region Orchestra

Photo Credit: nosha via Compfight

This Saturday I must go to Lamar Middle School for Region. It’s where you play 3 excerpts in front of 58 other middle school students. There will be a curtain or something to block the judges from seeing you. The judges will judge you from your 3 excerpts that you will play. After you play you will wait for 3 hours for everyone else to be done. Later on your seat order will be arranged and it will be split into 2 orchestras, Symphony and Philharmonic. I’m hoping to get into Symphony! Symphony is higher than Philharmonic. I’m really nervous for All Region. So… wish me luck! (Btw I play the cello.)

Have you had to do something that made you nervous? If so, what was it?