January 2015 archive

Roller Coaster

I was nervous. My heart was pounding. I clenched my teeth when I realized I was next in line. I took deep breaths in calming myself. In and out. In and out. Then finally clink. The gates opened, and I was about to ride on the most horrific roller coaster of my life.

I nervously walked over to the carts and buckled my seat in. My friend was sitting next to me and said, “You ready?”

“Yeah. I think. I’m not so sure.” I replied biting my lip.

The lady with a member card around her neck stopped at every cart and pushed down on our seat belts to make sure it was fastened properly. I let out a big sigh. And then it started.

It started slow at first, but gradually it got faster. We went through sharp turns, twists, and loops. Then I realized that I was wrong. The roller coaster was actually fun and exciting. Earlier, I had been so caught up on how scary it would be and I was exaggerating too much.

Then the big finish came. The climax. The carts slowed down a little, and we started going up, and up, and up, and up. A never ending incline. Then I realized what was in front of me.  I started panicking. My hands clenched down on the seat belt. My stomach felt queasy like butterflies in your stomach. The cool wind was gently blowing on my face as I stared at the clear blue sky. And finally we reached the top.

The peak was an amazing view. Even though I only saw it for a split second; I captured everything. The whole amusement park was underneath my feet! I saw concession stands, other rides, and people the size of an ant. The wind was roughly blowing and my hair was waving in all sorts of directions. I captured one last glimpse of the scenery, and then I went downhill.

Downhill was a nightmare, but in the end it turned out ok. At first I felt my stomach drop which was not a feeling I liked. After that the rest of the ride was really fun. We went through more loops, and twists. In the end, I managed to raise my hands and yell “Weeeee!” I was very grateful that I went on that roller coaster. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to experience that exciting roller coaster. To this day, I’m not that nervous when I go on roller coasters, instead, I get excited.

Winter Vacation

During winter break, my family and I went to Hawaii. It was sooooo much fun! I got to relax, go to the beach, get fresh cool air, and best of all, eat good food!

In Hawaii, the weather is nice and relaxing. The temperature is perfect, and the sun always shines.

My grandma has a beautiful garden, and she has an orange tree. Sometimes we would go climb up the tree and pick oranges. I was afraid the tree would snap, and I would fall to the ground.

I think one of the best parts of the vacation was going to the beach. We went to countless number of beaches in such a short amount of time. At the beach, I boogie boarded, created sand sculptures, and tons more. My favorite beach is called Bellows. Its on a military base, so it’s only open on weekends. The waves were pretty big, but we still had a great time. Once in while you can find fish! They swim really fast, so it was hard to follow them. I remember them being really shiny. My sister said that she felt one go around her leg.

One time, our whole family went to go swim to another island. It took a really long time, but we eventually made it. On our way back the current was really strong. It kept pulling us back, and we started drifting away. There was no one to help us, so we struggled a bit. But thankfully we pulled it off and made it safely back home.

During our vacation in Hawaii we went on a hike up a mountain. It was called Diamond Head. It took only about 30 minutes to go to the top. The view at the peak was amazing. You could see to whole city beneath you. And the beautiful sea to your right. Everything was just perfect.

The food in Hawaii has got to be my favorite thing about Hawaii. Everyday we would eat something delicious. Besides, the seafood is really fresh. One of my favorite restaurants is called 678. It’s a Korean BBQ restaurant where you can cook your own meat or they can cook it for you. I’m really sad because they don’t have it in Austin.  On New Years, we went to a really fancy restaurant where the scene was really pretty. It was a buffet and there was so much food to eat. Each person costed $60, so I had to make sure I really filled my stomach.

Overall, I really miss the winter break, and I wish to go to Hawaii again next year. I miss all the memories I made with my family, and I hope to make more.

After the Thunderstorm

The booming sounds pound near my bedroom window. The glaring lights flashed brightly in my face. The heavy rain thumped on the rooftops like bullets. The storm went nonstop.

Until now. The thunderous noise stopped. The flashing lights ceased. All was silent except the rain. The heavy rain turned light and sweet. It was as if the raindrops were dancing on the roof. As I lay, I hear the soft rain in sporadic measures. Singing me to sleep like a lullaby. drip drip. That was the rain that fell lightly from the leaves. drip drip. That was all I heard before the world turned into a deep, dark silence.