Food Inc.

In science class, we watched a movie called Food Inc. It’s about where the foods you buy come from, and you get to the see horrible truth. We only got to watch half of it, but I found it really interesting.

The first part was about chicken. A lady showed us inside of a chicken coop, and it was nasty. The chickens barely get any sunlight, they were fed antibiotics and hormones. Eventually, the chickens get so fat that their internal organs can’t supply the weight, and they just plop down and die. Poor chickens. Research shows that the chickens grow full size in 70 days during the 1950’s. Now, the chickens grow twice as fast in double the size.

Another topic we got to see was the natural farms. It showed a farm that was all natural. The cows could walk around without having to step in cow maneuver, the chickens could also wander around, and all the animals are grass fed. The USDA tried to close them down because they thought it was “unsanitary”. But in the end, the tests show that the natural farms had a lower count of bacteria than the meat products made in factories.

I think that Food Inc. was a significant video because then I would have had no idea where my meat comes from and how fake some companies can be.

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