The Best Place for Vacation

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Great food, perfect weather, and the best beaches. These are all the great things about Hawaii.

Nothing is more fun than grabbing my boogie board and heading out into the waves. The beaches are always filled with endless laughter and joy. The water is crystal clear, and the air is so clean. The sand is soft and warm. One time I went to the beach for 4 hours! Once you’re in the water, you’ll never want to come back out! Hawaii is not only great for their beaches but also because of
their weather.

In Hawaii, the air is so clean and fresh! Everyday you can smell the fresh ocean breeze. The average temperature in Hawaii is about 76 degrees. Every morning when I step outside, I feel the fresh breeze gently blowing against my face. The weather and atmosphere is always friendly.

But nothing beats Hawaii food. Hawaii has a variety of delicious foods. Hawaii is known for their seafoods. Their seafood is always fresh and tasty. Everyday we always eat something delicious. Whether it’s sashimi, ramen, or sushi. The food is so good that you’ll never want to leave. The food has got to be the best thing about Hawaii.

Hawaii is the best place for vacation. Because of the lovely food, great weather, and the fun beaches. Once you travel to Hawaii you’ll never want to leave.


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  1. Mrs. Bridges
    April 7, 2015 at 2:01 pm (4 years ago)

    I have dreamed of going on a Hawaiian vacation. Your post only makes me want to go more! Great writing!


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