In What Ways Can You Wear Masks?

Masks can be worn in many different ways. You can wear them like a costume, or you can wear them figuratively. People wear masks in different ways.

One way you can wear a mask is literaly. For example, during Halloween or during surgery. During Halloween, people wear costumes and masks. Some costumes include monsters, zombies, ghosts, etc. If you’re a surgeon, you need to wear masks because it is part of your job. Some jobs require wearing a mask. People wear masks to be different people.

On the other hand, some masks are figurative. People wear figurative masks to cover their emotions. For example, a receptionist. The person who answers your call may be annoyed, but act polite and friendly. Some people try to act brave even though they’re actually scared. Another example is an actor. An actor must conceal their emotions and pretend they’re being another person. Concealing your emotions is difficult to do, it’s not as easy as putting on a costume mask.

In conclusion, everybody at one point wears a mask. Whether it’s literally or metaphorically. Today, I know that there are many different ways to wear a mask. In what ways have you worn masks?

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