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Black and White photo

20150415-190921.jpgPhoto taken by me

In the Giver, everything was in black in white. There was no color. That help sets a different mood in the book. Color helps give emotion and feeling and also a sense of clarity.

Everyone in the Giver has never seen a sight of color. They don’t even have a clue what it is. They don’t know what love, warmth, or feelings are. Taking out color, drains the energy from the picture. It makes nothing seem interesting anymore; it all seems the same. Boring and plain. Without color there’s no more emotion or feeling.

I think Lois Lowry did this to show us how different the world could be without color. It helps us be more grateful that our world has color. Everyday we don’t realize how much difference there is without color. Everything in the Giver is very similar or the same. The sky is always the same, the rules, etc. Color gives us freedom and choices. One of the themes in The Giver is to be grateful of our freedom and color. We should be glad that we live in a world where color is free. I can’t imagine a world without color. And I’m quite glad that I don’t live in one.

A world without color would be emotionless and boring. Color makes things have light, emotion, and it helps us understand things more clearly.

A Short Story

My face is filled with scars and bruises. My only clothes are ripped shirts and pants. Everyday I rely on an empty can with giant bold letters that say “please help.” No one ever dares to look at me because I am so hideous. They just ignore me as they walk down the street trying not to make eye contact.

A group of people I like to call “The Gang” always bullies me after school. I turn my face down pretending not to see. Everyday they watch me and laugh pointing their fat fingers at me like I’m a clown. One of them, walks over to me and kicks me in the ribs. I gasp. I’m trying to breathe for air, but I just can’t grasp it. I turn to my side, and just lay there with my eyes up glancing at the sky.

Moments later, a man with a slick suit walks up to me. I glance at him with my eyes filled with hope. He looks at me and smiles. Clunk. He places a shiny quarter into the silver can. I thank him and then he leaves without another word.

Soon, I started to feel dizzy. The world started to swirl and shake, and my vision started to blur. Something’s wrong with me. I thought. I sigh and I collapse. My mouth is opened to a small gap. My eyes turn glassy and see-through and I begin my journey with the stars.