A Short Story

My face is filled with scars and bruises. My only clothes are ripped shirts and pants. Everyday I rely on an empty can with giant bold letters that say “please help.” No one ever dares to look at me because I am so hideous. They just ignore me as they walk down the street trying not to make eye contact.

A group of people I like to call “The Gang” always bullies me after school. I turn my face down pretending not to see. Everyday they watch me and laugh pointing their fat fingers at me like I’m a clown. One of them, walks over to me and kicks me in the ribs. I gasp. I’m trying to breathe for air, but I just can’t grasp it. I turn to my side, and just lay there with my eyes up glancing at the sky.

Moments later, a man with a slick suit walks up to me. I glance at him with my eyes filled with hope. He looks at me and smiles. Clunk. He places a shiny quarter into the silver can. I thank him and then he leaves without another word.

Soon, I started to feel dizzy. The world started to swirl and shake, and my vision started to blur. Something’s wrong with me. I thought. I sigh and I collapse. My mouth is opened to a small gap. My eyes turn glassy and see-through and I begin my journey with the stars.

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