May 2015 archive

Reflection on 7th Grade

Another year gone; another year passed. Seventh grade is almost over. I’m afraid that this will be my last blog post of the year. I’ve decided to do the last blog post on my reflection of 7th grade.

One of my favorite moments was All Region. Although it was scary having to play in front of everybody; the outcomes were great! We had three first chairs from Symphony that was from West Ridge (including me).  I was really pleased with my chair and I was proud of myself. This year’s All Region summarized in two words would be scary, yet fun at the same time.

Another one of my favorite highlights of 7th grade was Six Flags. It was so much fun getting to go to Six Flags. From waking up at 4:00 in the morning to getting home at 8:00. Before we went to Six Flags, the Sinfonia Orchestra went to a competition where we won three trophies! After that, we drove to Six Flags where we got to wait in lines for hours. Overall, Six Flags was pretty fun! I got to ride on exhilarating rides, and I got to hang out with my friends.

As this year draws to an end, so will my seventh grade memories (and also this blog post). Seventh grade was filled with spectacular things like Region, Six Flags, and many others too! Next year, I will definitely miss my seventh grade year!

Stuck in the Desert

I can feel the burning sand underneath my prickly feet. Still, I trudge on. The scorching sun pierces my skin. I can hardly breathe. I strive for water. Just one little drop of water will satisfy me enough. I need it. I NEED IT NOW!

Slowly and carefully, my mind is going crazy. It’s tugging my brain this way and that. The winds blows softly, stinging my eyes. My eyes are red, boiling red.

For every step I take, I grow weaker and weaker. How long have I been here? A week? Two weeks? Maybe even five? It’s probably so long that I lost count. I want to leave. I WANT TO LEAVE THIS AWFUL PLACE! I bend down on my knees and look up to the sky. Just take me home. A small tear falls from the corner of my eye. I shut my eyes and collapse.