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Tomorrow I am going to the Domain to carol.  If your in the top orchestra then you can go. We will miss part of 3rd pd,4th pd,5th pd, and we come back during 6th.  It is optional, but you get to miss out on school, and you also get hot chocolate (from Starbucks)! YAY! Caroling at the Domain helps me think of this quote from the movie Elf, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.”

I like hot chocolate. It’s one of my favorite holiday drinks. Sipping the creamy, rich, sweet, melted chocolate with marshmallows. Oh!

I remember last year I went to carol at the Domain, and it was freezing during that time. We had to bring our own foldable stands which was  a problem because the stands couldn’t hold that much stuff. Another problem was the wind. It was so windy that day, so I kept having to push the music down so we could play. Plus, on that day it was super cold, so my hands were numb when I was playing. It’s sort of hard to play when your fingers are stiff. We did get some customers to watch us. But, some of them were just parents.

This year I’m excited but not too excited.