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The Phantom’s Lair

The lair was filled with cobwebs and dust. Inside the lair was a swampy lake. It was filled with muck and dirt. The whole place was lit with dim candles along the hallowed walls that lead to mysterious places. This dark and empty place. I live here. Everyday.

My whole life I’ve lived in shadow and darkness, so that no one can find me and live in terror for what they’ve seen. The darkness hides my identity and the truth. In the darkness I feel safe and secure.

Inside my home, there is a broken mirror. I often stare into the cracked mirror, and I see a coward. A coward who is secretly afraid from people and doesn’t dare to meet the light.

Next to the mirror is a music box. The music box has a monkey with cymbals. Even though this toy is very dinky, it means a lot to me. It has been with me through times when it has been tough. It helped calm me down, and it sang to me. It always sang me a sweet melody; filling my body with emotions.

Everyday I live in this wretched, dark, lonely place. I am stuck here. Forever.