The NFL Draft Review And Best Moments In The Draft

This was one the the best drafts I have ever experienced. Full of many surprises and trades . With the first pick in the 2017 NFL draft the Cleveland Browns select …

Myles Garret,  Defensive End, A&M Aggies

Ok I know everyone knew that would be the first pick since April. But the second pick was traded to the Bears (only went up one spot and traded away a whole bunch of other draft picks ) who very surprisingly took Mitch Tribisky out of UNC. No one thought this would happen. Even Mitch said he didn’t get a phone call he ended  up getting call after the draft.

A couple of non surprising picks later, the Kansas City Chiefs trades up to spot  number 10.  They already have a QB but they need one for the future and they drafted Patrick Mahomes ,QB Texas Tech. Then at pick 11 the saints picked Marshawn Lattimore Out of Ohio State . Another trade happened at 12 the Texans traded with the Browns and selected … Deshaun Watson QB , Clemson.

Lets fast forward to the Dallas Cowboys pick. “With the 28th pick in the 2017 NFL draft the Dallas Cowboys select …Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan. I’m real,y excited about this pick I give it a draft grade of B+.

Well that’s my opinion on the draft till next year!

South Padre Island Trip

My family and me drove  down to South Padre Island this past weekend, but  the car ride there was a pain .

We started off just me,Jessi , my mom and Ranger(my dog) the car was packed full of stuff for the six hour car ride.Ranger has this hammock thing in the back so he stays in there the whole time but about 30 minutes max into the trip Ranger threw up . We had to pull over into a Carmax car dealership to clean the car. It took a while to clean but we were back on the road with a sick dog, a stressful mom, annoying sister and one phone charger. 5&1/2 hours later we were in South Padre . First thing we did was take ranger down to the beach but first we had to put on his “jog bra” that’s what one of my moms friends calls it .

A few days later I was on a boat with my dad , uncle and two of my younger cousins for fishing. After about 10 minutes my two cousins got bored and stopped fishing and played with the live shrimp bait for the rest of the 3 hours . We didn’t catch any  fish only 5 keepers and a whole lot of baby’s who weren’t quite big enough. We didn’t catch enough to keep to cook.

On our way back we drove all day Easter  .But we were ready to be home

Why I Am Excited For Spring Break

Spring break is 11 days away as of today and  I can’t wait ! its going to be  fun.

Spring break is exciting for lots of reasons . Like no school, vacation and rest . I’m going to Mexico for spring break on the beach ( I don’t know how that’s going to work out with Trumps “wall plan ” ). It has a pool and beach but the best part… A all you can eat buffet every morning , afternoon and night . But I have to babysit all of my younger cousins while doing it though it’s fine  , I guess we’ll just all eat together. Another thing is that no that many people are staying there so it’s all to the Howard family .

Another reason I’m excited for spring break is that there is no school ! No tests , quizzes , homework , studying , no waking up early . Just sleeping in resting playing outside no extra help or tutoring after school .No riding the bus no writing blogs just “turning off our brains” . Watching march madness making that impossible perfect bracket on who’s going all the way . The end of the NBA is near to some other exciting games going on there .

I can’t wait for all of those thing especially the no school thing these 11 days better go by quick !

One Of The Greatest Super Bowls Of All Time

First off I would like to say : I was right I said this could be one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time and it was !

Two words that could describe this Super Bowl ? Number 1 : Choke number 2 amazing. Let me explain  it was a choke because entering the 4th quarter the Falcons were up 28-3 -the Patriots ended up winning but I’ll get to that later. Start of the 4th quarter Falcons got an 3 and out so they had to punt . Then Tom Brady came on the field and led the patriots to a touchdown drive but then they missed the extra point making it 28-9 Falcons . Then on the next drive Matt Ryan fumbled and the Patriots got it and then got a touchdown making it 28-15 Falcons but the patriots went for 2 and got it making it 28-18 Falcons . Then the Falcons had to punt again and then Tom Brady was leading a drive but all of a sudden it was 3rd down and Edelman made a crazy catch to keep the drive alive . Then they got a touch down went for 2 made it 28-20 Falcons then Falcons turned it over again and the patriots got it then they got another  touchdown and then went for 2 and made it making it 28-28.

Two records had already been broken : most passing yards Ina Super Bowl and first over time ever in a super bowl . But at the coin flip the Patriots got it and Tom Brady led them to the 1 yard line and then they ran it in for the super bowl .

So Super Bowl LI was a pretty good one I pridcted it I was right just not the right team got it done .

2 Easy Ways And Signs To Make Jessi Mad

First off Jessi is my sister and only I can mess with her ( Jessi I am not trying to make you mad if you are reading this ).

One way to get Jessi mad/annoyed is to : touch her slime . She will become insane  if you touch her slime ! Once I touched it and she went  insane , so insane that she threatened to put all the slime in my hair . If she did that then I would have to shave my head ! How do you know you’re doing this right ? Her voice will just get higher and higher .

Another way is to  go into her room! Now Jessi gets super mad when you go into her room .WARNING may get in trouble by mom this one is risky way .  You know you are doing this right is she screams MOM!

Those were ways to make my sister mad I repeat do not mess with Jessi only I am allowed to because I am her brother .

Could It Be One Of The Best Super Bowl Games Of All Time ?

Super Bowl LI is coming up ( 51 ) between the New Egland Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons , who I think is going to  win .

Reasons I think the Falcons could win is that they get to pick their  own uniforms .I probably sound crazy I have other reasons too , but for the past 12 years the team wearing white has on the Super Bowl ! Another reason is that the Falcons have a strong depth at the Wide Reciver position, guys like Julio Jones and Muhammad Sunu Jr. While the Patriots have Julian Edelman and that’s about it . All  of the other receivers  like Rob Gronkgoski got hurt

So I am cheering for the Falcons and think it will be a very good Super Bowl  hopefully the Cowboys will make it next year !

A Game We Will Remember Forever

28-31 six seconds left in the National Championship Clemson has the ball on the 2-yard line Watson in shotgun formation . Watson calls out Down Set Hut.

In a game where Alabama is  ranked number one going into the National Championship with another undefeated season under head coach , Nick Saben  . Versus Clemson ranked second in the nation  lead by their quarterback, Deshawn Watson .And  just the previous year Alabama had beaten Clemson in the Championship so it was a rematch.

My sister goes to Alabama ,  so I had to wear an Alabama shirt while I was watching it . Ugh. But  secretly I was rooting for Clemson ,after all I am a Texas Longhorn fan and Alabama beat Texas in the championship when Colt McCoy was on Texas.

Watson said Hut and the world froze. He rolled out right .His  favorite target, number 13 Hunter Renfrow was doing a fake slant  route … it worked and Watson threw the ball with one second on the clock. Touchdown ! Clemson wins 34- 31.

The End ~ TX history Project wrapped up of R.H . Hunter

The End by : Ty H

The Indians have been looking for us more than usual . They have come close to seeing me one time I was out with the cows and they came around the corner and I hid in between the cows .

I don’t think I will live as long as Pa is , the Indians have been raiding colonies . They have come close too many times to count , shh they are near . I am currently hiding right now .

I ran away from the Indians and I am sneakily making my way back to Pa . I went to a party last night. And  I met a lady that was like no other but the dance ended. I didn’t even get to know where she was liveing .  I think  she was near me when I left .

I am getting chased right now by the Indians ow I tripped . Help this is my final passage .This is pa … R.H. Hunter , my son died last night trying to get away from the Indians.

The Batman ( class poem)

 The Batman

Combat skills no man has ever seen

Outside of mask he is affluent and powerful

Stealthily, a new Hope for Gotham city

They call for him using a light as bright as the moon .

Dark Knight fights the Joker , Bane , Scarecrow and much much more

The Batman, many fear him for he has great respect

Gotham screams in fear when he joker gets lose and they rely on batman to put him back in jail

But once Joekers back in jail they hate him again for they do not realize it
Until joker or one of is gang members breaks out again and Gotham looks for batman again

Bruce Wyane is Batmans true identity no one in Gotham would guess that it’s him only Batmans two closest friends know one of them smart and designs his gear and suit the other hangs back and tells him where the crimanals are

Is he the Hope of Gotham ?

Authurs note : I took my groups advise and made it more of a poem looking and based poem instead of a story I also made it shorter which they told me to do
I was inspired by Batman because as a kid he was my favorite superhero .

we dont say howdy all the time in texas

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