Final Blog

Right now the Spurs are tied with the Rockets 1-1. I am really excited about who will win game 3. Until next year, this will be my last blog. I hope this site does not crash down and erase all my blogs. I really have to thank everyone that helped me get through the school year. For all the 6th graders, you get a lot of more homework next year because of  Spanish class. I can’t wait to get out school and be free for 3 months. I have to thank all my teachers for you know what: teaching me.

Out of all my classes, I think Band is the best because of all the competitions and the Six Flag field trip. That was really fun. We got #1 at the San Antonio place. We haven’t even got to the Spring Concert. I probably get into W.E.

The one class that stilll worries me is Spanish. We have 2 major tests in the next 2 weeks. I should study if I want to pass the class. The last one is over everything we did over the entire year. We are going to go over everything we learned.

I hope all of you still make blogs. So this is it.


Jack was standing faceing right at the door of the abandoned iron house. Watching the heavy rain as it was more like hail pour down the old road. Watching the bullets of water plunder on the bulging ironclad. He knew he had to do it. He had to do it no matter the cost.

He crept into the warehouse and peeked at a laptop. It turned on as he saw all the lies and one truth. No one can stop him from saving the people. He saw 12 corpses in a video. 9 male and 3 female. Why would this happen?Suddenly he saw a man walk up to the camera. This was live. The man had glaring yellow eyes that stared out of proportion to the rest of his body. His face blank not smiling, nor frowning. Who was he? He saw a speck of light flare up and die down. There was one thing wrong. It was not a man.

In a blink of an instant. He realized it all. Sezing the lies and the secrets. The past 2 wars were a lie. The leaders were hoaxes. The military generals were cowards. They were keeping the truth about the real threat. They put countries as scapegoats when every nation in the wars were the ones to shun. Innocent people used and wasted to keep every bit of skin of the powers. But it was too late. The real power was there.

The speck of light came like a missile and hit like a missile. Jack may be just a lie


Why Football is Important for My Survival

You see the ball thrown by many guys like Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Brett Farve, and Dak Prescott. The feeling of who is going to catch it especially on the last play amazes fans like it’s in slow-mo. For people like me, football is necessary for life.

The first thing that draws you is the offense. Whether it was throwing your first pass, or seeing the running back go like a sprinter. The offense is the one that gets most of the highlights and scores. Like Randy Moss’s one handed grabs and Barry Sanders going through the entire defense. This part makes the game enough to make fans crazy like there was a fight going on.

The other part which gets all the stops and heartbreaking finishes is the defense. Their goal is to stop the offense from scoring. Some of the best defenses like the Steel Curtain or the ’85 Bears managed to frustrate some of the best offenses. Like Deion Sanders getting racks of interceptions or William “The Fridge” Perry running through every single center. It just wonders me how they barely allow a single touchdown, let alone a field goal.

Whether it was playing football, or watching football. It may not be for you but for me, it is very important for my survival.

Super Bowl LI

 Either this or Super Bowl XXXXIV was the best Super Bowl I have seen. It was a gigantic comeback. With the Julian Eldelman catch, and Tom Brady managing to win at OT. It was a good game.

At the start of the game Atlanta had a good start with a touchdown. The Pats were still good only losing by 7 points. To get even more points; they threw another TD to the TE. The Pats were shooken up while the fans cheering.   The Falcons had the best offense in the league.  Then the defense shined with a pick-six against Brady. The Pats’ fans were crying. It looked like the game was about to end. The halftime score was 21-3.

 Both teams looked new in the second half. The Pats tried to hang on getting a TD. Bad news was that Atlanta had a score before that. Then Brady put his comeback magic on. Getting an insane catch from Julian Edelman helped them score 2 TDs making it 28-20. Then another for James White and 2- point conversion tied it up. The stakes were high and all the fans were sitting on the edge of their seats.

This is the first game to go into overtime, and the winner of the coin toss is… the Pats. They got the ball and made good progression. Then a run to James White sealed the deal. Half the fans were crying tears of joy, and the other were crying tears of sadness. The Patriots are Super Bowl champs.

How Cane’s is overrated.

No… no(throw up)… no… don’t do it(more throw up)… NO. Cane’s is just the worst restaurant ever and it is overrated. At first you’ll think it is good, but there are better chicken restaurants like KFC and Chick-Fill-A.

First, the food is dry. It is the dessert of chicken. It always leaves a awful taste in my mouth It is like the school chicken but when they put a syringe in the chicken to suck all the water out.

Second, it has a million fillers in it. It always makes my stomach upset. It so bad, it’s even to walk, and should be able to walk. They probably use plastic instead of chicken. It is just plain awful.

I don’t know what you think but I am going to say that Cane’s is overrated. It tastes bad, and it has too many fillers. I don’t even know why Cane’s is there. At least there are better chicken restaurants like the two  I mentioned. I may just go to KFC.

How the Spurs Will Win the Finals

Basket ball may not be my favorite sport, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like it. My favorite team is the Spurs. They are 2nd in the conference with some big wins. They will win the finals and here is why.

They have 2 stars on their team surrounded by a bunch of vertans. Kwahi Leonard will become a MVP in 5 years. They have head-to-head wins against GS and the Cavs. They are 2nd in the Western Confernce. They have only 9 losses this season. They have a good defense and a great offense. Lamarcus Aldridge and Pau Gasol are great on the paint and they have some rising stars.

I think the Spurs will win because they’ve beat the best and they are one of the best. Kwahi Leonard will win MVP and they will get the trophy.



The playoffs

The Cowboys are in. They are 1st seed in the NFC. But the question is who will win the Super Bowl.

4 teams are out, eight left. Here are the matchup predictions

Pats vs. Texans

The patriots have one of the best offenses in the league and one of the best defenses. With Tom Brady as the QB, the Pats are in good hands. For the Texans, it was a different story. The last time they faced, they got crushed. Long story short they will die.

Chiefs vs. Steelers

The Chiefs are on a roll and so is Pittsburgh. It will be a close game. On of the best secondary’s in the world will face the killer B’s. I think there will be an upset because the defense will win the Football game.

Seahawks vs Falcons

The legion of boom vs the Falcons attack. Last time they faced, Seattle won. But this is different. They are at Atlanta. The Falcons have done better. And Seattle is on a small hunch. I think the Falcons high scoring offense is too much for the Hawks.

Cowboys vs the cheese pack

The hottest (not) team vs the best team. I unamoulisly think the Cowboys will win because Zeke will crush the defense.

The fantasy football playoffs

I am in the playoffs at 2nd seed. 3 wins and I win the championship. I am beating my brother for now.

Though the NFL playoffs aren’t here, the fantasy playoffs are here. My team had a bunch of strong wins. I beat my brother 3 times already. So far my kicker failed, and my running back did ok. I am still gonna cream my brother. In the NFL the Cowboys are in the playoffs followed by Seattle, Detroit, and Atlanta. According to my friend, Tony Romo will not start for the Cowboys and he is wrong.

So I will win the Championship and the Cowboys will win the Super Bowl. That is all for today.


The End of Texas Football.

It was a very scary year with a few ups and downs. New coach. New QB. And we lose D’onta Foreman.

Tom Herman is the new coach. He was good in Houston. He won a lot of games there. He also used to work with Mack Brown when he won a national championship. Next year, Westlake star quarterback, Sam Eligner, is going to be recruited. Bad news, the star halfback is D’onta Foreman is going to the NFL.  He may be a late first round.

So far I hope that Texas does better this year. It may do better or do worse. Time will only tell.