Phantom’s Lair

Wind blows past, telling stories of doom, death, and destruction. Candles flicker trying to hide. Waves pound the shore warning….


“Don’t come near, not now, not ever if you wish to live!” The terrified rats whisper from the shadows. “Don’t come here, not once, not twice if you wish to see daylight again!” Said the curtains, shaking in fear.

“For this is the place Phantom calls home.” “He paces the ground, scheming and plotting.” Bats screech as they scatter. Then—

All is quiet:

The Phantom has arrived.

The wind doesn’t move, the water calms, the candles stay straight. All hoping to not be noticed, hoping to not suffer his wrath, hoping not to exist in this frightening prison.

A prison indeed, stuck with a haunted man, running from his past. The very thing that shaped him, made him angry, tormented, heartless.

That was until Christine came to the opera house. When he first heard her sing—his face held an emotion that no one had ever seen on him before, awe and love. The Phantom started becoming less intimidating, too busy teaching Christine. Tuning her voice to match perfectly with his.

2 thoughts on “Phantom’s Lair

  1. Dear Vanessa,

    Good job on this piece! I liked the way you personified the objects in the room and said how they were talking. It showed more emotion and showed, rather than told. My class (in CT) has a blog as well (called Tellings; it’s on Edublogs). You should check it out.


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