The Basics of Surfing and How to Choose the Right Board

Surfing is an amazing sport that you can do for all your life.  It can be a hard sport to learn but once you get the hang of it the easier it becomes. I can’t teach you how to surf but I can give some tips and tricks to help you get an idea of what surfing is like.  First off you need to choose a board.  Boards are different in height the width and the number of fins. First, you want to choose a board with the right length for you, which usually is around one to two feet taller than you are. For example, if you are five feet tall you would want to get a six-foot board. The width of the board is not as important as the length but it can be extremely helpful to have a board that is the proper width. And finally, you will want to choose how many fins you want on the bottom of your board.  With more fins, the easier it is to keep balance and you will most likely catch currents and waves. Most surfboards have three fins and you can add more or less as you get more used to surfing.

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  1. Surfing…? What a cool hobby. I have never tried it. Do you surf down on the coast? I enjoyed reading your bio and finding out about your sport. Your post helps me understand why boards are so important to surfers.

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