The Selection by Keira Class

The Selection starts off in a world where everyone is divided by class. The class systems are called caste’s. There are eight castes in the book and one being the highest caste you can get to and eight being the lowest. The main characters name is America and she is a five. She is a singer and a musician. Every caste has jobs they are assigned to do.

 Because of that fives jobs are commonly singers, songwriters, painters, and artists. Then one day a message about the Selection comes on. The Selection is where thirty five girls get picked to fight for a chance to become queen. Then America’s family enter her into the Selection so she has a chance at a better life. She gets a phone call from the palace a few weeks later.

The things that I liked about this book is that the plot was very well written. The story line was very easy to follow and very entertaining. The author came up with a very original idea that most people would not think of. The characters were very entertaining. Also you could just see a visual of the palace in your head. The author did a amazing job of bringing this story to life. This book trailer was well put together and gives a good description of what the book is like. It gives you a good visual to help you understand the storyline and setting.

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  1. I read this series this summer. I agree that the author did a good job of bring these characters to life. I like the personality and development of each of the characters. Do you want to read the whole series?

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